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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    This show was awesome! It had such a great story line to it. Everyone should watch it!

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  • taletreader By  taletreader    

    Absolutely the most intriguing animated series I've ever watched. I'm 21 and I still enjoy it, my mother has even seen a few episodes and liked it, and it's still safe enough to where I can let my 7-year-old niece watch it.

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  • MarieZ47 By  MarieZ47    

    We watched this show as a family and I must say that my husband and I found it enjoyable as well. So much so that we bought the entire series on DVD.

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  • msash06 By  msash06    

    Being in my twenties, it seems silly for me to admit but I very much enjoy this show. I watched it with my younger brother, and sadly it has ended but the DVDs are available and many major retailers and online. It has great morals of friendship and community along with the value of hard work and determination. My father and uncle in their late thirties are also fans, great to watch as a family.

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  • chaoseeker By  chaoseeker    

    I grew up hating anything cartoon that even looked like anime, but I LOVED this show. It was addicting and funny. My 9 year old cousin also enjoys it, it's become a nice thing for us to enjoy together.

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  • mommyramblings By  mommyramblings    

    My kids aren't really old enough to watch it, but my husband and I watched the entire series from start to finish through Blockbuster disk at a time LOL

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  • YuanYao By  YuanYao    

    This is a beautiful show. One of the only decent ones from NIck. They are actually making a live action version which seems to be totally going in the wrong direction.

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  • jlincon71 By  jlincon71    

    Feel the same way my little brother was watching it one day and i sat to watch it with him and ended up liking this show. All of it's story lines are very entertaining and really funny.

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  • vespica By  vespica    

    This is a show we stumbled upon and later found out about its huge and avid following. It's a Nickelodeon show, and I didn't have very high hopes. It is great. It is funny, clean, action-packed, engaging, and even presents moral lessons without being preachy or heavy handed. A perfect kids' show that is extremely enjoyable for adults who like fantasy/sci-fi animated shows. We are anxiously awaiting the next disc on Netflix now. I've been consistently impressed with the writing and animation, and there is a live-action feature film in production now. See it!

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