Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender

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My son loves this show! My son absolutely love this show. The animation is beautiful and very well done. The episodes are fairly short so it makes for a nice before bed type of show. One of the better kid cartoon show with a well written but easy to follow storyline.

Truly, one of the GOATs Regardless of how old you are... This show is just wonderful for all ages. So many deeper critical thinking moments than what I remember from when I was watching as a kid. Still made me feel all the feels when I was rewatching it!

Bring back shows like this!! Originally watched the whole series on Nickelodeon. Recently rewatched with my daughter and husband who have not seen it when it came out. They loved it and we binged watched for hours.

One of the best shows for any age. I absolutely love this show and I know you will too, regardless of your age. This show has relatable characters, thought-provoking storylines, and gorgeous illustrations. The story locks you in and keeps you hooked until the very last season.

AirBender I freaking love this movie! I still watch it to this day and love it! Highly recommand

Addicted I have been hooked on the show ever since a friend introduced me. The live action movie was based off of this show. I always felt like the movie ended in a cliff hanger. Now I know why.

Intriguing I just recently watched this when it came back on Netflix and it was awesome. My boyfriend watched it when he was younger but I didn't remember it. Everyone all ages can watch it it's good

This show was awesome! It had such a great story line to it. Everyone should watch it!

Absolutely the most intriguing animated series I've ever watched. I'm 21 and I still enjoy it, my mother has even seen a few episodes and liked it, and it's still safe enough to where I can let my 7-year-old niece watch it.

We watched this show as a family and I must say that my husband and I found it enjoyable as well. So much so that we bought the entire series on DVD.

Being in my twenties, it seems silly for me to admit but I very much enjoy this show. I watched it with my younger brother, and sadly it has ended but the DVDs are available and many major retailers and online. It has great morals of friendship and community along with the value of hard work and determination. My father and uncle in their late thirties are also fans, great to watch as a family.

I grew up hating anything cartoon that even looked like anime, but I LOVED this show. It was addicting and funny. My 9 year old cousin also enjoys it, it's become a nice thing for us to enjoy together.

My kids aren't really old enough to watch it, but my husband and I watched the entire series from start to finish through Blockbuster disk at a time LOL

This is a beautiful show. One of the only decent ones from NIck. They are actually making a live action version which seems to be totally going in the wrong direction.

Feel the same way my little brother was watching it one day and i sat to watch it with him and ended up liking this show. All of it's story lines are very entertaining and really funny.