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  • Kittycurves By  Kittycurves    

    I've never read it and would love to ready it I like Nicholas sparks .

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  • Jladavis89 By  Jladavis89    

    I love this book! Nicholas sparks is by far my favorite author

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  • Leigh4LARS By  Leigh4LARS    

    Ah, I LOVE this book!! If you are looking for a book that will give you a "warm fuzzy" feeling, look no further! The descriptions in this book make you feel like you are at the inn with the two main characters. A fast and easy read, and will appeal to many age groups.

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  • snols82 By  snols82    

    I enjoy all of Nicholas Sparks books. I do have my favorites, but his books are a must read for me!

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  • Lorelfs1 By  Lorelfs1    

    Fantastic Book! I loved it. The story was great and should definitely be read before watching the movie.

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  • NickChick By  NickChick    

    I love Nicholas Sparks! This story line took a little longer to get me hooked on, but in the end, totally worth the read!!

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  • Nina07003 By  Nina07003    

    I read and enjoyed the book - quick summer read! But I have to say the movie scene where Gere is driving to the Inn in, with the sand blowing in the wind -- when he makes the turn into the property and the camera shows the property -- breathtaking!

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  • theredwitch2 By  theredwitch2    

    i loved the story in this book it is definitly a must read before you see the movie and dont forget the tissue box

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  • mommy4bratz By  mommy4bratz    

    Sparks is my favorite Author. I read the book before even watching a film. The books are always better than the movies. Sparks has a way of writing. I just love reading what he writes.

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  • mlanzillo By  mlanzillo    

    Nicholas Sparks is my Favorite Author, I have not read this book but I did see the movie and that was great so that tells me the book is even Better!

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  • tessspeakz By  tessspeakz    

    Having enjoyed several Nicolas Sparks books and being from NC, I took this book to the Outer Banks with me for my beach read. I was very disappointed and never finished it because it was predicable and boring. I was shocked when they made a movie out of it, which I never saw. I expect more from even my beach reads.

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  • jsoohoo By  jsoohoo    

    I saw the movie first and just finished the book which I loved. Will have to see the movie again to see the differences.

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  • swttie By  swttie    

    I absolutely adore Nicholas Sparks books. Another great book!

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  • dani21sherm By  dani21sherm    

    And again Nicholas Sparks is amazing, loved the movie and the book!!1

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  • tina30219 By  tina30219    

    Looks really good will have to look into this one as well.

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