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  • ThisxIsxSamm By  ThisxIsxSamm    

    I'm not amazed with this product and I much prefer the Revlon just bitten stains. These definitely don't last 16 hours but they work out okay for a $5 product. They do tend to dry out my lips so I use them with a chapstick as well.

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  • wendymonster By  wendymonster    

    I recently picked this up at my local CVS. I have to say I am in love! I used to use Revlon Color Stay. It would work ok, but by lunch I felt like a lizard with peeling lips. The color would practically peel off in two pieces. Not this stuff! Its a stain so it isn?t thick and gunky. It is a little tricky to apply the right amount of color without looking like a clown. After a few tries I got the hang of it! So far, my favorite color is Rock On Ruby. It works great and it is cheap, $1.99!

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