New Underarm Procedure Eliminates Sweat and Hair Forever, But Is It Safe?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 20, 2015

For some women, using and/or finding the right underarm deodorant is so much of a hassle that they would rather shell over $2,000 for a controversial armpit procedure that involves microwave energy. The procedure from Miramar Labs, known as miraSmooth, uses a very intense microwave heat to destroy glands and follicles under the arms that are responsible for producing sweat and odor.

Today reports about the controversial procedure that is now gaining in popularity among those who wish to banish underarm perspiration forever. Much like laser hair removal, miraSmooth is becoming more popular because it is a permanent fix to underarm hair. But unlike laser hair removal which can take multiple sessions and hours of your time, miraSmooth takes just 60 minutes and comes with (what many perceive as an added bonus) of eliminating sweat glands.

As many of us become more concerned over the toxic chemicals and treatments we put on our skin (especially under the arms), the question over the procedure’s safety is probably first on every woman’s mind. Dr. Jessica Weiser of the New York Dermatology Group assures that microwaving technology has been used in medical procedures for a long time. She says, “Microwave applications in medicine include coagulation and cautery to stop bleeding, destruction of tumors and cancer cells, cardiac ablation, and more. If microwaves have been safely applied for internal organ use and for cancer destruction then it would seem reasonable that application to the skin should not be more dangerous than these other indications.”

But just because this doctor is not calling it “dangerous” doesn’t mean it come without potential harmful side effects. Dr. Weiser warns, “There can also be significant pain and swelling after treatment which is variable in severity and also in duration ranging from one week to a few weeks, and from minor swelling to grapefruit-like massive swelling in the underarm.”

And don’t forget that since it is such a new procedure, there isn’t a lot of evidence telling us it won’t be a health risk in the future. Weiser says, “Because the device is still relatively new in the spectrum of laser and energy devices, it is likely too soon to comment on the long term safe of microwave technology as it pertains to the skin.”

What do you think of the underarm microwaving procedure that eliminates sweat and hair?

Would you ever consider trying a procedure like this?

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miamiladyliving by miamiladyliving | MIAMI, FL
Sep 16, 2015

I think anything that alters how your body works isn't good for you. We are meant to sweat. If you eliminate that, something else in the body has to give.

TamJu46 by TamJu46 | PIKEVILLE, KY
Sep 15, 2015

I would not try this procedure it has to be harmful. It is radiation of the sort destroying an organ( gland). plus the disadvantage of skin cancer. I will stick to clinical deodorants and hair removal products.

sharmamegha1209 by sharmamegha1209 | EAST ELMHURST, NY
Sep 14, 2015

Well although it sounds pretty good but i doubt it can be safe to use on the skin. With all that radiation and waves can cause other skin conditions as well. Closing sweat glands can never be a wise idea. It can be exterimly dangerous for the skin.

chennyme by chennyme | GAUTIER, MS
Aug 24, 2015

Absolutely not! I just cannot see this being safe. Their are products on the shelf that work extremely well against underarm sweat. I sweat terribly, sometimes for no reason at all, no matter the season. I found 1 product that worked well for me. I believe there are also some clinical application doctors can prescribe for extreme underarm sweating. I just think this is extreme and other ways should be looked into before taking on such a dangerous (to me anyway) procedure. Anything that "destroys" something in the body, just can't be good.

demonpeepers by demonpeepers | WAYCROSS, GA
Aug 23, 2015

This sounds interesting to say the least. I think that like anything they must be some drawbacks but for the ones that decide to go through the procedure the advantages must outweigh the drawbacks. It all comes down to what one is comfortable with and what one thinks is most vital in their lives.