New Study Sees Huge Results When Replacing Sugar With Processed Foods

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 02, 2015

When it comes to cutting out unhealthy foods, there are many culprits that may come to mind. Foods that are processed or high in fat, calories, sugars, sodium, and starches seem like a few of the obvious unhealthy choices. Bt some new research surrounding childhood obesity suggests that merely cutting added sugars from the diet can have an extremely beneficial effect on health.

Market Watch reports about the study from the University of California, San Francisco, and Touro University California that looked at the effects of taking away added sugar for just 9 days from the diets of a group of children attending an obesity clinic. The group of children who took part in the study were already showing signs of metabolic syndrome like high cholesterol that can lead to diabetes.

Kids involved in the study said goodbye to sodas, pastries, sugary cereals and other foods and beverages with added sugars. But they weren’t replaced by anything you might think of as healthy. The kids were given foods like pizza, baked potato chips and starchy processed foods to replace their sugary snacks.

Researchers found that after just 9 days on the new diet high in processed foods, they saw a great reduction in cholesterol levels and a drop in insulin. Lead author of the study Robert Lustig explained how triglyceride levels saw great improvement along with other benefits. Lustig says, “We reversed virtually every aspect of their metabolic syndrome.”

What do you think about the new study suggesting that merely cutting out added sugars can have a hugely beneficial effect on health?

Have you ever considered cutting out added sugars from your diet?

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Jennyfr by Jennyfr | FOND DU LAC, WI
Nov 18, 2015

I not only have cut out most of the sugar in my diet, I have also cut out the sugar substitutes that are even worse! Yes I still get sugar in some things I eat because you cannot avoid them 100% but I do pretty well. After you get away from all those sweets you learn NOT to crave it anymore and I can say that is me!