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   By makeovermomma  Jul 10, 2011

Some people love to see brand new movies in the theatre, while others prefer a night out at the Opera. Some of us adore the latest restaurant on it's opening night, and a few of us can't wait for a hip store to launch. But what is the one thing that I can't wait to arrive? New beauty products! Here are some of the latest, greatest concoctions with the most promise this season...


* Avon SuperSHOCK Liquid Lip Shine SPF 15: Anything that tries to make my thin, unimpressive lips look fuller is always a good thing. Avon's latest launch is not only impressive at producing thick, shiny lips, but it feels silky smooth in the process. I hate lip gloss that is so sticky it attracts my flyaway hair like flies to honey, and this SuperSHOCK shine gloss was the exact opposite: soft and hydrating. 


* Dr.Jart+ PREMIUM BB Beauty Balm SPF 45: I love products that do more than one thing for us busy, stressed out ladies, and this balm provides a multifaceted punch. It helps prevent signs of aging, promotes natural collagen production, brightens sallow skin, and evens out skintone without being heavy. Plus, the mineral-based SPF 45 is perfect for protecting skin, while antioxidants reduce exposure to free radicals. Basically, it does nearly as much as you do!


* Avon's "Outspoken Intense" by Fergie: Celebrity perfumes are often overrated. Most of the time, I find myself wincing in pain after smelling an overworked, strained fragrance with multiple personalities. Fortunately, Fergie's latest concoction is succinct, lively and cuts straight to the point. It's powerful and sexy, but has a hint of softness from passion flower and starfruit. If only all celebrities could get it this right, we'd be in a better smelling world...


* Which product do you want to try the most?


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karen4533001 by karen4533001 | ELMWOOD PARK, IL
Jul 20, 2011

I would definately try Dr. Jart+Premium BB Beauty Balm SPF 45. I need all the help I can get when it comes to anti-aging products. The SPF 45 is a real plus.

dunkidsmom by dunkidsmom | Overland Park, KS
Jul 18, 2011

I'd like to try the Dr.Jart+ PREMIUM BB Beauty Balm SPF 45!!! I love the mulitpurpose anti-aging products. Most only have 20SPF, I like the fact that this product offers 45SPF. I am an Avon rep, so I have already had the privilege of trying the other 2 products mentioned. I personally like the glazewear lip gloss better than the new Lip Shine, but both (the old and the new scent) of the Fergie perfumes smell great!

clingrich by clingrich | ORLANDO, FL
Jul 17, 2011

I'd try the Lip Shine from Avon. Avon products are often in the top picks from hair care to makeup. (no I don't sell it) but I really like a lot of their products so the Lip Shine is my favorite

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Jul 11, 2011

I'd try the lip shine, you sold me when you said it solves 2 problems... hair sticking, and hydrating. I have exteme cases of both issues. And Avon is a name that's been around for years, can't do that without making a good product.

sdscofield by sdscofield | Midland, TX
Jul 10, 2011

Love it! I am a huge fan of BB creams. I have never tryed any of their lip product though. I have got to give Dr.Jart+ PREMIUM BB Beauty Balm a try - love that it also has SPF 45, cant forget about those lips.

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Jul 10, 2011

BB creams are becoming the new "foundation" i personally love it more and its light, I have been buying mine from a Korean store for a few years now. I haven't tried Dr. Jart's brand yet however i am glad that the states is picking up on it. I think out of all 3 products shown, i would want to try "outspoken intense" more since I already have full lips...I don't need them to get any fuller, instead I think I need them to shrink!