New Father's Day Ad Showcases Modern Day Dads

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 08, 2016

Most of us are used to breaking out the tissues during Mother’s Day commercials, but it seems Father’s Day will have tear-jerkers this year as well. As dad’s role has evolved to be more involved in their kids’ lives over the last several decades, we see more depictions of this on screen. The new Discovering the Joy of Fatherhood’s #LittleWonders ad spot from Johnson’s has us all a little weepy and reaching for the phone to call dad.

The commercial is narrated by a young child who is preparing her father for a lifetime of bonding and growing together, highlighting many of the ups and downs of raising a child. Toward the beginning of the ad we see a young girl running into her dad’s arms as the narrator says, “Be prepared dad, I will change you - change your goals to get you home earlier every day.”

We also see images of dad sitting in a doctor’s office while his baby cries on his lap getting a shot. The narrator says, “Sometimes I will make you feel like the weakest man in the world.”


Toward the end of the short commercial, we see a more modern scene with two dads around a highchair while the narrator says, “I’ll test your patience to make your heart softer and your limits to make you tougher.” And then a dad walking across a lawn with a toddling baby with the lines hears, “but I promise dad it will be the greatest journey of your life.” Cue the tears and the tissues.


What do you think - how accurate is this depiction of fathers, based on those that you know?


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savvysister by savvysister | LANDRUM, SC
Jun 13, 2016

There is an emerging mindset I am seeing, especially within in younger dads. They are engaging with their children on many levels...sometimes as disciplinarian. ...sometimes as entertainers....sometimes as cook,cleaner,coach. ....but always driven by love. One such father is my relative. I salute him and all others who labor for the title "DAD"..

Katypugz by Katypugz | Marlton, NJ
Jun 09, 2016

I still think that there are alot of great father that really take care and love there children like my husband

Dsaraliz by Dsaraliz | NEW HAVEN, CT
Jun 09, 2016

Some dads do there best

Tammy97229 by Tammy97229 | Portland, OR
Jun 09, 2016

I think this commercial is great! More and more dads are becoming involved in the day to day happenings of their kids life. I know my husband has always been very involved in our kids lives. I'm seeing more and more fathers volunteering at my daughter's school. I think it's great!

simbalala by simbalala | Rockaway, NJ
Jun 08, 2016

it is true,,,,

lctheobald by lctheobald | Sun prairie, WI
Jun 08, 2016

For some!

hopeEternal62 by hopeEternal62 | SAN ANTONIO, TX
Jun 08, 2016

What a great commercial and thank you Johnson's for finally stepping up and giving due credit to those daddy's that are there for the children no matter what. I am blessed in that my husband is an amazing tenderhearted man when it comes to our kids. He is the type of man that always steps up when other parents step back. He is the one that will coach softball even though he had no clue what he was doing at first. Because no one else would do it and our girls would not have had a game season that year. So many other examples of what an amazing man he is but I would be writings for days!!

Hywelda9 by Hywelda9 | SADDLE BROOK, NJ
Jun 08, 2016

I hate to say, but I think this type of fathering is still - sadly - all too rare.

mab6284 by mab6284 | livermore, CA
Jun 08, 2016

Sniffle sniffle...I think commercials like this elevate what it means to be a modern dad. Too often dads are portrayed as bumbling idiots in the media and on TV. I call my husband super dad because he strives to be an equal parent and realizes the benefits of being "all in" as a parent.

pookiepura by pookiepura | LANDRUM, SC
Jun 08, 2016

My son's dad is not involved in his life at all, other than sending a check to pay child support. He doesn't see him, call him or have anything to do with him. It's very sad because I didn't have that experience in life. My father was much like the one in this video--he always was very active in raising me and my brother.

SusanHN by SusanHN | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Jun 08, 2016

I'd like to think every dad is like the dads in this video, but sadly, not the case. Though I do think most dads nowadays have some elements of this involvement.

ThatsSoMimi by ThatsSoMimi | Fall River, MA
Jun 08, 2016

I think dads can teach sensitivity too, outside of being tough. That's a modern dad, and a good father.