New Balance Toning Sneakers

New Balance Toning Sneakers

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This is a great shoe! Holds up nicely but I feel it could have a little more internal support. They are easy to wash up if you get a little dirt on!

Have never had a pair of these but would like to. I have heard good things about them.

I dont own these but have tried them on during my quest for toning tennis shoes..they are comfy however I choose the reebok easytones

I totally agree with this review! These shoes make my feet feel like they are enveloped around loving arms. I have weak ankles and when I wear these shoes, my ankles feel as if there is a secure band wrapped around my foot allowing me the freedom to relax and not worry about twisting my foot. They are very comfortable and stylish as well. I;ve worn higher priced sneakers that were just as comfortable but I didn't have the feeling being having my feet secured where I didn't have to worry about twisting my ankles. I love this shoe! Anyone that has weak ankles should get a pair and try them. I highly recommend them!

These toning sneakers are part of the first toning line New Balance developed. Like many of their rivals, they have the a rounded sole. The sole, however, does not make the sneaker look awkward. When walking up a hill, the sole provides enough of a slant to target your tush. On the way down a hill, your hips and upper thighs feel more of the burn. When walking on an even surface, the mid-thigh region seems to contract more and tightens to maintain balance. I have not felt like I am going to fall over, which can be a concern with toning sneakers. All in all, these are very attractive sneakers and I would highly recommend them!