Never Too Late To Learn

   By drodriguez  Aug 01, 2008

Just because the college days are long gone does not mean we lose our need to learn.  Many women and men still long to be in the intellectual arena of a classroom years after receiving a diploma.  And for some, continuing education for adults is the answer.


To better understand why adults feel the need to return to the classroom one online learning program called Capella University conducted a study they call “Degrees of Opportunity”.  According to their study, more than half of the men and women surveyed reported they would like to pursue further education.  In terms of our entire population, that statistic could equal more than 70 million adults.


A program that has quickly been gaining popularity is called One Day University.  With a no-strings (no homework or research required) policy and a high caliber list of professors coming from school like Harvard and Yale, One Day University offers adults the Ivy League experience.  Well, the Ivy League experience without all the red tape like entrance exams and annoying dorm mates. 


Since many cite work and time constraints as a reason for not returning to school, it is easy for adults to say yes to One Day U.  The program takes place in only one day, either a Saturday or Sunday.  There are four 70-minute courses offered for the day taught by some of the country’s best professors from the top schools. 


One Day U. has something for everyone with subjects ranging from a history class that explores theories about where we came from to an international affairs class on Iraq and Iran’s future.  Most of the program’s students are of the Baby Boomer generation with kids and grandkids in college themselves.  One doctor specializing in Alzheimer’s, Gisele Wolf-Klein, reported to the New York Times after spending a day at One Day U., “We are a group that are eager to be taught.  Give me a lecture on art, anthropology, anything.  I don’t care what it is.”


To find out if a One Day University event is coming to your area you can visit  .


Do you ever feel the need to return to the classroom?


If you have already taken part in a continuing education course, what was your experience like?

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MyEmptyCanvas by MyEmptyCanvas | KOSCIUSKO, MS
Sep 26, 2008

I'll definitely check out the One Day University site.

TriosMom by TriosMom | Florence, SC
Sep 09, 2008

I do hope this program is coming to my area it would be great.! And just as marya61 said, I too am looking at finances-but this would still be great. Thanks for the info.

lancelin by lancelin | CHARLOTTE, NC
Aug 31, 2008

I actually went back to school five years ago at the age of 45 and received an advance degree online. It was great! A person should never stop learning at any age. Those neurons will thank you and be there firing away when you need them later on as a result of Continuing Education. One should think of it as exercise for the brain. I especially like this concept because it takes away the stress of thinking about test or homework. Great Idea and much success.

linda_answer by linda_answer | SAINT LOUIS, MO
Aug 28, 2008

I recently decided to finish my degree after 29 years!! I have always had a thirst to learn and the internet has kept me abreast of new topics and new ideas. I cannot wait to get back in the classroom though. There are so many people middle aged going back to either finish that degree, or to just to take a class or two I like this idea. I would have to look into it further but sounds fun. I bet my older sisters would like this too. I tihnk people who keep their minds sharp by learning any way they can stand less of a chance to get alzheimers and other memory related problems. My mind is constantly active and is more so now than when I was young, although I certainly do not consider myself old yet. My body may give out someday but I want to make sure my mind will be spry. My Dad always stayed so alert even when he hit old age. That is the way I want to be.

the_royalfamily by the_royalfamily | EAGLE MTN, UT
Aug 25, 2008

this is a great idea, as long as you don't burn out!

Nettes by Nettes | Jamaica, NY
Aug 25, 2008

I am going back to school right now and I would not have been able to finish up my Associates Degree if not for on line school. Your job and the schools all say they will make time for you to get to school or have night school classes similiar to the ones in the day time but its not true. I needed to a couple more requirements and trying to find a school that offered a Science in the evening was next to impossible once you factor in travel time and all the last minute things at work that need your attention so on line was the best solution for me. Two more classes and I have my degree. I recommend it for anyone, be it to get your degree or just for personal enrichment. The opportunity to share ideas and met people in a new way on line is great and all the differences that are going on now from when I was in school in my 20's is amazing. Leaning keeps you young and informed about yourself and the world. Nette

bufflady by bufflady | BUFFALO, NY
Aug 20, 2008

i think learning keeps us young - what a great concept!!

bubbie_dempsey by bubbie_dempsey | philadelphia, PA
Aug 20, 2008

this is awesome! i didnt go to college after high school and had only limited opportunities through my employer that does tuition reimbursement(but i hate paperwork!)so opted to take a 12 week dale carnegie course that gave me my first college credits! the confidence that course gave me is irreplaceable and loved how short and easy the course was! if i had know of this previously i would have take the courses then! thank you!

alessandrawerneck by alessandrawerneck | SMYRNA, GA
Aug 20, 2008

This sounds like a great idea! I'll definetely check it out!

Shandyclare20 by Shandyclare20 | Fyffe, AL
Aug 17, 2008

I am currently attending school right now and I would love to attend one of the classes even though I am enrolled in college already. If I were to attend the class I think that I would most likely get more from that one day then 3 months of class because I have choosen to learn and comprehend everything! I will defently be checking on this to see if it is comeing to my area of the world!! :P

charmedinco by charmedinco | Louisville, CO
Aug 17, 2008

Hello all!

I am getting ready to start my second semester toward an Associates in Criminal Jusitce with a Paralegal Certificate and plan to transfer up to get my BA with a minor in... well I haven't quite decided that yet. I am a 34 year old mother of 11 and 13 year old girls. I have known for awhile that I wanted to change careers and needed the education to get a position in the legal field. After much thought, I decided enough thinking... just do it! My first semester went well and the interaction and stimulation was well worth the late nights and sneaking in homework. I am also doing online classes which seems to be more of a challenge than I remember when I went to a traditional on campus college.

I can't wait for the next semester to start. Graduation seems to be forever away, so I concentrate on the current classes instead of how many left to go before I am done.

Education is worth every minute and cent. I have enjoyed the chance to challenge the thoughts that have become settled within me.

check1430 by check1430 | Granite City, IL
Aug 15, 2008

I absolutely cannot wait to get back into school and finish my MA! I miss learning and education! I'd really like to do online work for my MA, but really don't know how it works!

wyldmama1951 by wyldmama1951 | Frisco, TX
Aug 14, 2008

I started out w/my very first college class in 1988 at the age of 37, 99% of my classmates were 18 or 19 yr olds and a large portion of my teachers were brought in from overseas and English was not their first language. Needless to say trying to figure out algebra after being out of school so long from someone who didn't speak English very good made me feel like I really was stupid. Fast forward 4 yrs, I managed to finish w/a BA in Business Administration and a 3.4 average so it can be done b/c if I can, anyone can. You just have to ignore them thinking you are somebody's mom and hold your head daughter was a freshman at the same college when I was a senior, so we would have breakfast together and then go to our classes. I just feel like it is never too late to learn.

thomastrails by thomastrails | Raleigh, NC
Aug 12, 2008

I am a 49 year old with a B.A. in 1981. I have been taking distance education courses in finance for the past 2 years. My course work is off-campus but my exams are on-campus. I love the coursework but still feel a little out of place when I walk into an exam and I'm the oldest person!

tburke727 by tburke727 | Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 11, 2008

I am a 40 year old mother of three boys and I am completing my B.S. Degree in Business this December. My decision to go back to school 5 years ago was one of the best decisions in my life. I plan to continue on and obtain my Masters in Social Work. I encourage all women to step out and just do it. 5 years went by in a flash and my family adjusted to well to my schedule.