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Never Too Late To Learn

SS Member Image By drodriguez 08.01.08
Never Too Late To Learn
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Just because the college days are long gone does not mean we lose our need to learn.  Many women and men still long to be in the intellectual arena of a classroom years after receiving a diploma.  And for some, continuing education for adults is the answer.


To better understand why adults feel the need to return to the classroom one online learning program called Capella University conducted a study they call “Degrees of Opportunity”.  According to their study, more than half of the men and women surveyed reported they would like to pursue further education.  In terms of our entire population, that statistic could equal more than 70 million adults.


A program that has quickly been gaining popularity is called One Day University.  With a no-strings (no homework or research required) policy and a high caliber list of professors coming from school like Harvard and Yale, One Day University offers adults the Ivy League experience.  Well, the Ivy League experience without all the red tape like entrance exams and annoying dorm mates. 


Since many cite work and time constraints as a reason for not returning to school, it is easy for adults to say yes to One Day U.  The program takes place in only one day, either a Saturday or Sunday.  There are four 70-minute courses offered for the day taught by some of the country’s best professors from the top schools. 


One Day U. has something for everyone with subjects ranging from a history class that explores theories about where we came from to an international affairs class on Iraq and Iran’s future.  Most of the program’s students are of the Baby Boomer generation with kids and grandkids in college themselves.  One doctor specializing in Alzheimer’s, Gisele Wolf-Klein, reported to the New York Times after spending a day at One Day U., “We are a group that are eager to be taught.  Give me a lecture on art, anthropology, anything.  I don’t care what it is.”


To find out if a One Day University event is coming to your area you can visit  .


Do you ever feel the need to return to the classroom?


If you have already taken part in a continuing education course, what was your experience like?

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  • didama By didama

    I just recently began taking continuing education classes. It has broadened my thinking, introduced me to stimulating new ideas and people! I highly recommend it!

  • marya61 By marya61

    I have taken some classes in the past and loved them - problem lately is the money to do this. I think this is a wonderful idea and if it comes to my area I will surely consider it.

  • lstein By lstein

    I recently attended One Day university and found it very stimulating - just like going back to college (but without the stress). agree with hannak that it is great to broaden your perspective.

  • Cropperhopper By Cropperhopper

    I think that we have to learn continuously in order to keep up with the new technology and in order to update our knowledge in our careers. I have a Master's degree, and I was earning my PhD in Psychology/Counseling when I was struck with Fibromyalgia, arthritus, migraines, TMJ, etc. I am now unable to work. I started college full-time as an adult, married, with a family. I advocated education to the poor, young, and even classes to prevent boredom or Alzheimer's disease for the elderly.

  • juls1258 By juls1258

    I decided to go to College on line 2 years ago. I love working and playing on the computer, so I thought I would get my Associates Degree in Information Technology. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now because I will be graduating at the end of this 2008 year. Going to College on line was very easy for me because I did not have to drive to a college campus after I had worked 8 to 10 hours a day. True, you do need to apply yourself to get your homework done but attending a seminar once a week puts you in touch with the professor and the classmates. I am a 29 year married wife, with three children and 5 grandchildren. If I can do it, anyone can. Education is always a plus in anyones life.

  • gerir By gerir

    I like the idea of continuing my education and learning about different topics, particularly the type of program mentioned above where you are exposed to a range of lectures. I think my book club would be interested in attending an event like this - thanks for the tip - I'll check it out.

  • agranote By agranote

    I think life long learning is so important. I graduated my master's program several years ago and thought I was so excited. Quickly I realized that I still want to learn and expand my knowledge. I frequently attend professional development programs and take seminars. Now I am a supervisor to graduate school students and I am able to take 1 graduate class per semester. I love it.

  • bdigit By bdigit

    very cool! I would certainly consider it if it comes to my area. I've been considering taking classes locally but yes, the time and wallet constraints have been keeping me from jumping into it.

  • Jeeka24 By Jeeka24

    I am a 29 year old, wife of 10 years, mother of 4 boys, and I just recently enrolled in a school where I will be seeking my BS in social work. I have been itching to go back to school for several years now, and I just decided to jump back in! I really like the idea of the 1 day University though! I would definately look into it if it came to my area!

  • Esann152 By Esann152

    I have taken a one day class and really enjoyed it. I'm currently looking for another class to take if I can find one that interest me.

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