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  • EPalma By  EPalma    

    I have very oily skin but this managed to hold up through out the day.

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  • DrillBitLobotomy By  DrillBitLobotomy    

    This foundation is marvelous! It stays on for a long time, covers well, and matches my fair skin perfectly. It keeps me from breaking out, which is a miracle. My friends and I love this stuff. The only downside? There needs to be a wider shade spectrum.

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  • Kristi By  Kristi    

    Love this. My skin is very very oily and acne prone. I've been using this for a week and I can already tell the difference. I can see this causing a lot of dryness unless you have oily skin though. The coverage isn't the best, but the more my skin clears up, the better it looks.

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  • shepards_oncat By  shepards_oncat    

    I use this foundation now and use it almost everyday! After going through a first bottle that was a tad too dark I went for a lighter one and it works great. I wear sunscreen under my makeup which doesn't make it look as good as I would want but without sunscreen your skin looks amazing. The coverage isn't too good however, I have to wear lots of concealer on my dark spots but it looks great after. If feels light even though it is a thick-ish makeup. I'm not sure how well the skin clearing part works though. This is a great liquid foundation for oily skin types and for those who don't like a cakey face!

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    this foundation is perfect, I love it

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  • pixiesparkles By  pixiesparkles    

    It helps with my blemishes but due to my Native American heritage, it doesn't match my skin tone very well. I wish they had this product in more hues and more skin tones.

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  • L_camille By  L_camille    

    Since ive been using this foundation ive seen a difference in my blemishes...I do wish it had better coverage for dark spots, but add a little concealer and its great. I have combo skin and i will never switch back to any other foundation.

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  • Amb2290 By  Amb2290    

    I liked this product for my oily skin, it really helped decrease the shine. It is a viscous (thick) so I try to use sparingly.

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  • angel437 By  angel437    

    I really liked this product. I really helped clear up the acne that I have and helped with oil control too. It felt very lightweight on my skin and didn't irritate my skin since I have sensitive skin.

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  • SunnyDaise By  SunnyDaise    

    Personally I found it to be ok..I have oily/acne skin and was hoping this would help me out. It did absolutely nothing for my acne and it was not enough coverage for me. It does feel nice and light though and stayed put pretty well.

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  • BronzedSouthernBeauty By  BronzedSouthernBeauty    

    This is a fantastic liquid foundation! It did not break me out, which is very rare when I am trying new foundations. I did use it for a while and didn't really see any acne actually clear up but it does feel very lightweight on the skin even though it it full coverage. It is very hard for me to find colors that match my skin tone and this is very close without having to mix. i like that they have a variety of shades with a variety of undertones. I would recommend this to anyone who has issues with their skin or issues with feeling like their foundation is weighing down their face or feels like a mask.

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  • sarasponda By  sarasponda    

    This is one of the foundations I'm currently using. I don't know if it's been clearing my skin, as the name promises, but I do know my skin has not been breaking out. Coming from someone with naturally oily and breakout-prone skin, that deserves an A+.

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  • angiesangle By  angiesangle    

    Since I have found this foundation, I buy nothing else. It helps keep my oily t-zone away, while it helps keep my skin clear of acne and other problem areas. On my skin it feels like a lightweight coverup vs feeling all thick like some foundations I have tried in the past.

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