Neutrogena Rapid Clear

Neutrogena Rapid Clear

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Love it! I use these as a part of my regular nighttime skin care routine, and I've had great results in reducing blemishes and redness. No problems with my sensitive skin, too.

I think out of all the acne products I have tried, this is my favorite. I use it for minor breakouts and if you use it as soon as a breakout is coming in it's almost guaranteed it this will stop it in their tracks. The only thing is I suffer from cystic acne, and nothing I have bought at a drug store has helped this issue. For that I do need to see a dermatologist. Over all I would say it's a good product, again only for minor acne.

I received this product from CrowdTap to review. I don't have a lot of acne, but the pimples I do get are stubborn. Washing with the cleanser dried my face out, so I'd recommend moisturizing after. I would use a gentler cleanser with the aid of the spot cream and that worked wonders. I let my boyfriend borrow the spot cream and his acne was noticeably clearer overnight, and disappeared the day after. Like any acne solution, I rotate cleansers and creams so my skin doesn't become accustomed to one type and make it ineffective. Overall liked it.

I was skeptical at first because I haven't had much luck with products from Neutrogena. However, I bought this stuff. This is amazing and it doesn't dry out your face very much. I highly recommend this product for people with mild acne

I love this lotion! This is the best acne lotion by far! I have tried different lotions in the past and this is the best! Works well and lasts!

I really like this line of products, they don't smell fantastic but they are some of the best to get rid of breakouts. After I apply them I wait a few hours and reapply and after a couple of days my breakout is usually gone and always reduced.

Ive been going through some wierd hormonal stress and i t has been taking its toll on my skin. i have tried many things and so far have had the best results so far! I have only used it for 3 weeks now but have got great results. effective but not over drying, love it cant wait to see how it works the longer i use it!

This seems to be for people with mild acne. I feel like it just wasn't as effective as other cleansers. Everyone's skin is different, but this certainly didn't help mine.

I love this lotion! This is the best acne lotion by far! I have tried different lotions in the past and this is the best! Works well and lasts!

This is a line of products that Neutrogena has come out with to help quickly reduce breakouts. They have a cleanser, treatment pads, fight-and-fade gel, spot treatment, and face lotion. They treat acne with salicylic acid instead of the common benzoyl peroxide. I, personally, have sensitive skin and am allergic to many face products, so when I began to break out a few months ago, I had trouble finding a product that works quickly and effectively without giving me an allergic reaction. Neutrogena's Rapid Clear line has saved me. Every morning I use the Oil-Control Foaming Cleanser which leaves my face feeling soft and clean, followed by the Acne Defense Lotion to treat and control my breakouts during the day. I use the cleanser again before bed, and use the Eliminating Spot Gel to treat while i'm sleeping. Within 2-3 days of starting these products my acne was less red and was beginning to disappear. I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. It works wonders!