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  • SouthernGalatx80 By  SouthernGalatx80    

    Not too impressed with this product, but I have used worse. I do not feel as if it soaked in well. Also living in Texas, once I step out in the humidity outside it instantly slicks off.

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  • nikki031 By  nikki031    

    Great for combination skin. This is a great moisturizer to use year round. It doesn't leave me greasy in the summer. And in the winter it provides the right amount of moisture.

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  • arlette2525 By  arlette2525    

    Good moisturizer. Absorbs quickly into the skin, plus it has sun protection.

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  • amclaug1 By  amclaug1    

    I use this product on a daily basis. It provides the moisture that my face needs without making my skin oily. I also like that it has SPF built right in to protect my skin. Great product!

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  • CourtLux By  CourtLux    

    Love this oil-free moisturizer. Use it daily (in the morning) and it does not make my face greasy. Absorbs easily which is great. My only dislike is the cap -- it's a twist one, which means traveling with it can be problematic (it opens easily).

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  • blackrosefx By  blackrosefx    

    I loved this product,it's lightweight yet still very moisturizing.It absorbs quickly and I was happy that it had sunscreen added.I would definitely recommend for a daily moisturizer no matter the skin type.

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  • shresthashre2 By  shresthashre2    

    i have acne prone skin so i really need oil free products. And this product is really good for acne prone and also oily sensitive skin. It doesn't breaks me out. i use it every morning and night as my moisturizer.

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  • BriaLouise By  BriaLouise    

    A good oil free face lotion. Not so great for sensitive skin, your face will burn and get irritated.

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  • jessbc By  jessbc    

    really great for moisturizing your face

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  • dashusic97 By  dashusic97    

    I have an acne prone skin, so this oil free moisturizer works great on my skin!

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  • kristinmarshall By  kristinmarshall    

    This is a great daytime moisturizer, and works perfectly under makeup. Light, effective, and non-greasy. The added bonus is the SPF of course!

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  • amiesue By  amiesue    

    I have been using this moisturizer for about a year now and I think it's great! It keeps my sensitive skin moisturized, yet it doesn't make me break out.

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  • NJJmom By  NJJmom    

    From a name we have know and trusted for years. It works well. Moisturizes well and leaves a nice natural feeling.

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  • dancing_freckles By  dancing_freckles    

    I love Neutrogena products, esp. this one. I have oily skin (T-zone) and this product is light, goes on smooth, and I feel like a have a nice glow after I use it. My skin takes well to this product and it helps my skin keep mosturized since I psoriasis, my skin is also very dry. I definitely recommend this product.

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  • lvknisley By  lvknisley    

    This lotion is husband and I have used this for years. It doesnt leave your skin feeling oily, its just right!

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