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  • selene By  selene    

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  • Sdana91 By  Sdana91    

    Overall good face wash for normal skin

    Overall a good cleanser. A little too drying for my sensitive skin but the hubby loves it. I can?t use it as a daily wash, but I use it probably every 3-4 days.

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  • Blair199120 By  Blair199120    

    Just Okay

    I normally really enjoy Neutrogena products, however this particular scrub I did not love. First off the smell of the scrub was not my favorite. I don't like the grapefruit scent. Also I don't know if it was just my face in particular but it left it feeling a bit oily, which I don't normally have a problem with my face being oily I actually have a problem with my face being more dry. I still love Neutrogena products just didn't love this one.

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  • hihihi By  hihihi    

    pretty good

    this smells good and worked for my face. everyones face is different though, it didn't work for my friend so she gave it to me

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Superb Scrub

    I love Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub! It removes dirt and oil! It gives your skin a deep clean so it feels fresh and rejuvenated! My skin is softer and smoother! I am impressed!

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  • Mhanna416 By  Mhanna416    

    Great for high school skin that has some acne. I used this all through high school and my skin looked great. Smells amazing

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  • MermaidGlitter By  MermaidGlitter    

    It's an acne cleanser... not a miracle worker.

    I have tried like every acne product you could imagine. I have paid $1-$100 for a single ance cleaner/product. I have never truly found one that makes me say yes, that's the one. This one is the same way. It cleans my face and if I forget to clean my face one day, I will have a itty bitty pimple pop up. I am still on the search for the acne cleanser that works for me.... Will update you when I find it.

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  • lyndsayra By  lyndsayra    

    Good, but not for me.

    Smells good, and makes my skin feel really soft. It didn't help my acne, but different things work for different people. Its not the product for me, but its worth a shot to try.

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  • Julifacedown By  Julifacedown    

    Neutrogena face wash

    I loved using this product . it smells so good and it kept my face clean and clear. I love how it makes my skin feel.

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  • Amyz17 By  Amyz17    

    This cleanser smells great and is pretty gentle. Although, it isn't all that effective for me.

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  • shortsweetmom By  shortsweetmom    

    Love the smell

    This face wash smells amazing! I like to use it a few times a week to help exfoliate my skin. It leave my face feeling fresh and clean.

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  • drispees By  drispees    

    This cleanser smells great but to me doesn't do a great job at cleaning deep in the skin. I use it more for removing a layer of makeup. I've also heard the exfoliating beads in it are made of plastic and are damaging to skin.

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  • Anastasiairina By  Anastasiairina    

    Best face wash ever. I absolutely love the smell of it. Cleans my face so well, I feel like a whole new person after using this stuff. Highly recommend it.

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  • SGhent By  SGhent    

    Only thing I liked about this product is the smell I didn't think it cleaned my skin as well as other product also it broke me out worse

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  • karenalvarez74 By  karenalvarez74    

    Unfortunately I have to give a bad review for this product. I used it once and I got a really bad reaction, my skin went from smooth to bumpy. I can only predict that it was the salicylic acid that this product contains that made my skin have the reaction it did. Never again will I try this

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