Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

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Neutrogena night goodness. This Neutrogena is night goodness. It doesn't take much to make my skin feel soft and refreshed. It isn't greasy or heavy and I feel like it smooths my skin, as well as soothing it. It isn't a fancy cream, but it works

Go the Neutrogena way I absolutely love this night cream. If you're going to go the drugstore route, then Nutrogena is the way to go. I find a mild tingling sensation when I first apply it. I believe this is the retinol working away at the fine lines on my face! I also find that it's really useful in acne prevention and treatment. I love this and it's my standby.

good results I started using this after I noticed small lines forming on my face, not to deep but there none the less. I researched and read reviews and decided to give it a go. I noticed it made my skin softer only after a couple of uses and after about 3 weeks I noticed an improvement in my overall skin. The fine lines started to soften, and my pores seemed smaller. I was very pleased with this product. And would recommend it.

I did not like this product because it is silicon based. Quite simply, the price is so cheap for a reason. I would suggest investing in a higher end wrinkle cream like La Mer or Guerlain or Lancome. Neutrogena claims to be healthy for the skin, but the results are not long lasting.

I did not see a difference after using this product. I have sensitive skin and did not have a reaction so that is why it gets 2 stars. It is gentle enough that my skin did not get all red and blotchy.

Wonderful line and like the healthy easy benefits

I'm a loyal Neutrogena user and have been since high school... so about 25 years now. As a result, I can go out or to work with a bit of eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss without feeling unfinished. But no one can stop the march of time, so when I started seeing fine little lines, I switched to this product. I was not pleased at all. I felt it was too heavy and it stung a little bit and it left my skin with red patches. I have since switched back to Neutrogena's Ageless Essentials... the perfect night cream. I can live with the fine lines a little while longer!

Saw this in a magazine and it was recommended by a dermatologist. It's okay, it made my skin soft and moisturized but didn't see any other effect compared to my Oil of Olay. Smells great and glides on the skin easy.

I have not seen a difference in fine lines, but this is the only cream I'll use for my sensitive skin.

Saw absolutely NO difference. Would not buy again. Philosophy's Help Me is what I would recomend.