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  • aritayes By  aritayes    

    Clean and gentle

    The soap bar is gentle on my skin. It creates a good lather. Leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. Smells decent. It does not really have a scent but it does not stink.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    This is a great way to remove any excess oil and unclog pores on the face! It's gentle and doesn't make your skin dry or irritated! It lathers up nicely! This bar will last a long time which is nice! It's inexpensive and works great! I definitely recommend trying it out!

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  • alison333 By  alison333    

    Its the best

    Reasonably priced, no weird perfumey smell, excellent for my sensitive skin-my only soap!

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  • Criselle By  Criselle    


    This sop bar is really amazing. I've been using this transparent bar for a very long time and I love the results . Great price Great product. Absolutely Recommend

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  • Jenn2184 By  Jenn2184    

    Great cleansing bar

    I use this facial soap bar 2-3 times a day to keep my oily face clean and healthy. This product dramatically reduces the amount of outbreaks I get and keep my face oil free. There's never any residue left over either. I love the clean smooth feeling I get after using it.

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  • abbywallace By  abbywallace    

    Great item leaves no residue and leaves your skin clean and super soft

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  • makeupaficionado22 By  makeupaficionado22    

    This stuff is great at removing your makeup. Also it doesn't cause breakouts but it is a bit drying.

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  • Msreallyblessed By  Msreallyblessed    

    I like Neutrogena products , however this is not for all skin types left my sensitive skin feeling a little dry.

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  • Texxasgurl45 By  Texxasgurl45    

    I like Neutrogena products, but this just didn't please me. The soap smells nice. It lathers pretty good too, but it left my face feeling dry. I felt like if I smiled, my skin would crack. I have combination skin and my dry areas did not appreciate this soap. The oily areas did feel soft and smooth. I don't recommend if you have dry skin.

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  • saratogasue By  saratogasue    

    This is a great bar for one with normal skin but if you have acne prone skin, this might do much for you. However, after a wash, the face feels fresh and supple so it definitely works.

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    I keep the bars on hand when I travel and I have a liquid pump of the same soap in my shower that I use for my face and body (kills that dreaded summertime chest pimple lol). It's a wonderful product that is great for all skin types (I've got combination/sensitive skin). Other cleansers I've used have irritated my skin or left it dried out but I love my Neutrogena!

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  • Calliej By  Calliej    

    I tried this last weekend and liked it. I used a very soft washcloth and lathered it up. Washed my face very well and my skin felt smooth and clean.

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  • daisygirl673 By  daisygirl673    

    Leaves my face feeling smooth and clean. No dryness. And takes all my eye makeup off.

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  • JulesRulesReview By  JulesRulesReview    

    I think this bar could work for some people, but it definately isn't for me. I have very oily skin, and am acne prone. My friends used this product for a while and suggested I use it. I think it is wonderful for a morning wash, but if your looking to get rid of tough acne I would try something a little stronger. Although it didn't do much to improve my skin, there was a few things that I loved about it. The thing that I loved the most, was how it had almost no fragrance at all. Don't get me wrong, I love to smell good, but sometimes these skin products tend to have a little too strong of a scent. I also liked how light it was. It didn't make me feel like I was wearing some kind of thick face mask. It also didn't tighten my skin up so much that I could barely smile. The last thing that I liked about this product ishow it didn't make my skin shiney. I don't like when I try to wash my face and when im done I look like a just sprayed it with Pledge. If you are looking for a nice face wash just to refreshen then the Neutrogena Facial Bar is for you. If you want to get rid of hardcore acne then I would look for something else. Perhaps Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub? Haha, Hope I helped!!!! :D

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  • oreosdog7 By  oreosdog7    

    Ive been using Neutrogena since HighSchool. Theres not a better soap for cleaning your skin!! Its awesome!! And I love the smell of it. Its Affordable good clean skin care! LOVE IT!!

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