Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover

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Everything Neutrogena puts out kills it! I love this because it removes it with such ease abd no harshness to your skin

The Best!! This is my favorite eye makeup remover. For years I have used the expensive department store brands. This works the same if not better. The expensive ones sometimes irritate my eyes. Just because they are expensive does not necessarily mean that it is better. I tell everyone I know to use this, especially if you have a sensitivity around the eyes.

My Go to for removing Eye Make Up This is the best make up remover I have found at a reasonable price. It completely removes all of my eye make up including waterproof mascara. There is no stinging or burning and no unpleasant scent.

Good It is good removing eye make up. Doesn't burn eyes. I do use wet washcloth afterwards to get greasy feeling off eyes from product. But overall good!

This eye makeup remover works the best for me. It mixes well, completely removes the eye makeup including waterproof mascara and doesn't leave an oily feel.

i love this makeup remover, first thing i love is i can see the separation of the remover from the liquid enhancer inside which you have to shake so i know it is always fresh! the oil though has issues with me if i don't use a face wash after it i am sadly in trouble because i get an oily shine, washing my face fully takes care of that issue though, however it hasn't found a makeup it can not remove with ease! that new mascaras that are so hard to get off this remover takes off one two three! doesn't burn sting or make my eyes red, no need to rub or go crazy with it!

I've tried many eye-removers and this works really well! It didn't irritate my eyes. I thinks this is the best eye makeup remover among the drugstore brands. If you don't want to spend much for high cost brand removers, you should use this.

Doesn't bother my contacts, gentle, tough on that darn mascara, and lasts for a generally long time (had mine for probably 5 months and I'm finally close to the bottom).

Best eye makeup remover I've ever tried.

This is the only eye makeup remover that I use. Since I use waterproof eye makeup, I have to use remover almost every night. This one is not greasy and it does not burn my eyes like some others have. The only downfall is I wish is was a little bit cheaper, but I will still continue to purchase this product.

I like this remover very much. It is not greasy at all and doesn't tug on my eyes. The price is reasonably and easy to find anywhere.

Amazing stuff! This makeup remover gets off EVERYTHING even that stubborn waterproof mascara that you swear by but can't get a product to take it off. It's inexpensive and I find better than most high end makeup removers and I've used it all. It's not irritating at all so even if your skin is on the sensitive side (as is mine) it won't irritate and will actually feel kinda moisturizing. I recommend using cotton rounds rather than cotton balls. The remover absorbs through the round but it's just enough so I can use one side of the cotton round for one eye and the other side for the other eye.

Good stuff

This is a great product for waterproof rimel

I have used this product multiple times. I used to always use the eye makeup remover from Lancome, but was looking for a cheaper alternative. Neutrogena works well and doesn't bother my eyes. It can be a little greasy once applied but if you wipe your eyes with a damp cloth after it takes care of that.