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  • cdgregory2009 By  cdgregory2009    


    I was trying to figure out a way to have a viewing party using FaceTime, but couldn?t figure out how to sync the start of the movie. This is genius. Thanks for getting it done.

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  • JennJenn3636 By  JennJenn3636    

    Netflix rocks

    I love Netflix, I will have to look into this program.

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  • jerseygirl1 By  jerseygirl1    

    Watch movies with friends in different places

    Loving Netflix Party right now. It's a great way to watch movies with friends when you are in different places. I do wish there was a way to talk to people while you watch, or at least hear people laughing, etc., but the chat feature is fun to use. And I love that this is free with Netflix.

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