Nestle Toll House Premier White Morsels

Nestle Toll House Premier White Morsels

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Highly recommended! Baking? These are the all time best chips to use! Always makes a great recipe that the family loves!

quite good Nestle makes a fine chip for cookies. These are super for white chip and macadamia cookies.

Really good in cookies Toll House white chips are really good especially in homemade cookies with macadamia nuts.

Good flavor for Recipes I choose to use the Nestle Toll House Premier White Morsels if I am following a recipe that calls for white chocolate. I do not like the taste enough to eat them out of the bag.

I've used these for white chocolate macademia nut cookies and to make vanilla fudge. I'm a white chocoholic!

I do like these as a snack or to make my own covered pretzels or pop in pancakes. The only flaw is they don't melt down easy.

Yum! Delicious! Even easy to melt! The other day I used these morsels to make chocolate covered Oreo's! They were a huge hit!

By far my husband's favorite morsel! Whether you put them in macadamia nut cookies or brownies or anything, they have a delicious taste and creamy texture. No wonder he loves them!

Nestle chips are always my go to for cookies! The only reason I didn't give these 5 stars is because they aren't the best for melting. But, they do have great taste and are great in cookies!

I love white chocolate and these are a wonderful change. if you have ever heard of craisin cookies with these morsels and how delicious they taste. if not give them a try. they are great plain too.

My granddaughter won't eat chocolate but she will eat these. She thinks the white morsels are just plain candy, not chocolate. I like to melt these morsels and drizzle over cake, cookies or candy.

These are morsels that must be hidden in my house. otherwise, everyone would eat them before I have a chance to bake with them. I love white chocolate. I indulge on it sparingly, but when I do these morsels are baked in a delicious white chocolate chip cookie.

I love these. I use them in baking, crush them up to make rainbow chip frosting, melt them for truffles, and sometimes I just eat them strait.

I love white chocolate in general! It goes great with cookies and is a nice change from milk chocolate and this is a classic brand. :]

Nestle Premium White Cookies are fantastic. I use these to take to my meetings or to send with the my nieces and nephews to school for a treat. They are easy and quick, yet they taste like I spent a good "chunk" of time baking them from scratch! Super yummy!