Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

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Quenches your thirst. Not very expensive, nothing amazing but quenches the thirst when needed. Bottle design is nothing special. Overall, I would recommend to others if they wanted an inexpensive bottle of water.

I use this to drink and cook with. Because of some serious water problems in our town, we've been advised not to drink it. Everything, from drinking to cooking is done with either spring water or purified water. I've purchased Nestle Purelife water and think it's great. Often less expensive than spring water. As long as it doesn't have any of the harmful chemicals my town's water has, I'm happy. I use this to drink and to cook with. Great job Nestle!

Good value, great tasting Not too expensive, no plastic aftertaste, and tastes pretty good as well. We usually buy these in bulk packages for the summer months to take on road trips to the lake or the beach. We don't drink tap water at all, so this is one of our brands we drink all year round.

PURE Water no after/mineral taste so pick this if you want PURE water

wastefully packasged watetr overpriced, wastefully packaged municipal water. dont rape earth mother to buy it

Great Love this water and love the bottle. Very refreshing

Water Karen Geahlen: Water is refreshing & great for the body

Pure & price perfection Our family's preferred brand of water! The taste is always pure and the price is right. Another thing I love is the variations of packages you can buy this brand in. We've purchased a 12 pack and 35 pack from Walmart, but also a 6 pack at the dollar store. Sometimes you just need a small pack for on the road or at the office, and Nestle Pure Life always works!

Refreshing taste Nestle Pure Life Purified Water is very tasty and does not leave an after taste in your mouth. AZ water is not very good so drinking Nestle Pure Life is very refreshing. It taste like the spring water I used to drink when I was a child gowning up in NC.

Very refreshing and easy to grab on your way out the door.

I enjoy Nestle water and it is very refreshing. Very convenient for grab and go.

I really love this mineral water bottle. It's affordable as well as it tastes great.

The nestle pure life purified water is a good alternative if your tap water is not drinkable. It is usually comparable to the price of most local grocery stores' brand water. As a family that is on the go having water available at our disposal is something that is very important.

As far as bottled water goes, this is just as good as any other type; however, you can usually find it cheaper than other brands, so it is a better deal. That being said, you can buy a water filter for your tap, buy a few sturdy water bottles, and fill them up daily to amount to the same thing. It will be the same quality water but you won't be throwing away all those bottles.

This water has a great taste and its not salty or has a plastic taste like other water brands. Plain and fresh water. The pack is really comfortable