Nestle Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

Nestle Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

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I LOVE these. All the great taste of Butterfinger but softer filling. Any butterfinger is my favorite.

They don't stick to your teeth! I am currently eating the s**t out of these Butterfinger Cups. I was shocked at how good they were! I was expecting the filling to stick to my teeth like a regular Butterfingers bar would, but nope! Mmmm num num num!

Nestle Butterfinger Creamy milk chocolate filled with rich delicious peanut butter and butterfinger mix. Delicious!

Fantastic! Butterfinger was my choice of a candybar when I was a small child. That being said this is so delicious that I want more!

By far my favorite peanut butter candy. & they make excellent cookies!

Can't beat it chocolate and butterfinger all in one. Perfect portion size. One of my favorites.

Trick or treaters would love this! I agree that this is better than the original. If I had to pick between Reese's Cups and Butterfinger, I would probably pick the first, but with this I get the best of both worlds! It's tasty and what better time to try it than now with all the Halloween candy around?

Good, but not best! The candy has an interesting taste. But, I have to say, that I still like Reese's Peanut Butter cups better.

candy I love lots of things chocolate except pecans' or almonds

These are pretty tasty treats. I find these at my local stores for 2 for $1.00.

Better version lol Ok so I really don't like the original ones but this ones are delicious

Let me just say that I was comparing it to Reese's cups when I tried it, and they're WAY better than Reese's. I love Butterfingers, but mixed with peanut butter-y goodness it's to DIE for!

i only got half of 1 before my hubby stole it && it was soo yummy

Great portion size for a delicious treat. Love these. So tasty and please all my sweet cravings

Great snack to take to work when you can't go out,its perfect little portion for me. taste very good,love love them.