Nescafe  Dulco Gusto

Nescafe Dulco Gusto

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We purchased this because it was less expensive than the other ones like it. I ended up taking it back the same day. I got what I paid didn't work that well at all. It actually leaked and I didn't care for the taste of the products either. It's just not good quality.

Did not care for this product. Had to return it to the store. The flavor did not taste good and the water never got hot enough.

I got this coffeemaker as a gift and I use it religiously in my office. The reason I like to use it at work is simple - large variety of coffee flavors available and a really small footprint - ideal for the cubicle world. I got the coffeemaker before they became well known, now I see the popping up all over the place. So for anyone still deciding on this brand versus others - the positive things about Dulco Gusto: - you determine how strong the coffee is. While it uses capsules, you turn on and off the machine. I can make my coffee strong with just a little bit of crema on top, while my colleague likes her coffee much weaker, with lots of crema. We simply adjust when we turn off the water and get the ideal coffee using the same capsules. With the Keurig do you have some choice in terms of fixed sizes, but they are still fixed sizes and you do need to spend some money to get the Keurig machine that gives you a variety of sizes. With this little device, less than $100 gets you the freedom to make your coffee really strong or very weak. - the next benefit are the flavors. Other than most brands offering capsules for lattes etc, Nescafe uses two capsules, again, you can get a lot of milk or a little and adjust the ratio of coffee versus milk to your liking. I really like this. My favorite flavor for sure is the caramel latte - so, so good. Cons: - about the only con I can think of is the fact that many stores do not carry all the flavors available, so you will need to order things like the caramel latte. But they do have specials online for regular delivery that cuts down on the shipping costs. Overall, I really like my Dulco Gusto and I am very happy with it.