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  • mariasays By  mariasays    

    summer= Frappe cafe is calling !!

    As i am Greek from the North especially from Thessaloniki where Frappe first inverted - by mistake though- i state that Nescafe Classic Greek is the only coffee for the original Frappe. The foam , the flavour and the scent of Nescafe are the secrets for a successful Frappe. Add 1 spoon Necface, 1 spoon sugar, a bit water (no more than 1 cl) in a shaker (for frappe) - alternatively you can use a small mixer machine- and when u can see only foam add ice cubes , a lot of cold water and enjoy it ! The best iced coffee for hot temperatures! note: DRINK IT Slowly with a straw -!

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  • Qurshid By  Qurshid    

    Taste of this coffee is awesome.In the winter time I drink three cups of coffee,very refreshing touch.

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  • simplyvall5 By  simplyvall5    

    This tasted like it came from a fancy coffee shop but no it didn't i bought it at the store and it was great i couldn't get enough. I drank to much coffee that day got allot done i had to go buy more. LOVED IT !!!

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  • lovesanfrancisco By  lovesanfrancisco    

    I love all the nescafe coffee and this one is not an exception.

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  • apsodarffilm By  apsodarffilm    

    I love iced coffee and this was good.

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  • agaphmou By  agaphmou    

    This is the most popular beverage in Greece.It's a delicious coffee drink which can be made hot for the winter or cold for warm weather months.It's very refreshing and can be made with several different recipes.The most popular one being to use NESCAFE CLASSIC.Place two teaspoonsful in a shaker cup,with one teaspoonful or more of sugar.Add about an ounce of water and shake very hard,a foam will be produced.Add ice cubes,water and milk to taste.Some people like it without milk,I like it with alot of milk.Try it :)

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