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  • heartinwv95 By  heartinwv95    

    Every four months or so, I go through a flurry of trying new chapsticks. This was one that I had high hopes for, but it was sadly disappointing. While it did provide some moisture, the gel-like substance was greasy without being firm and left my lips feeling slimy and looking too glossy and wet. It also wore off very quickly and didn't stand up to the wind whatsoever, during my walks across my college campus.

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  • 5littlejohnsons By  5littlejohnsons    

    I pick at my lips often in the winter months and this is great for healing them back and making them very smooth! Would definitely recommend this to anyone with cracked or dry lips!

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  • Muah1125 By  Muah1125    

    Myself and my family love this

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  • greenbean1220 By  greenbean1220    

    This stuff is magic! I keep it next to my bed in the winter time and put it on before I fall asleep. It's really helped to keep dry, gross, cracky lips from even starting in the coldness. For me, it's a winter must have! Period.

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  • Crystalsmith28 By  Crystalsmith28    

    Amazing product! My daughter wouldn't stop licking her lips and they were so cracked they bled nothing worked until I tried this and in 2 days it was completely healed!!!!!

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Love this. Makes my lips feel great, and soothes my lips when they're chapped.

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  • loriz79903 By  loriz79903    

    I love this product it pretty much goes where I go. You would be amazed how handy it can be. I have five little girls in the house all under 6 yrs old and the scraps never end trust me. We also use this on the dogs and cats for any scraps they get. Great stuff

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  • pchs1234563 By  pchs1234563    

    My lips got really, really dried out & were cracking & even flaking. N O T H I N G I bought help, I tried Burts Bee's, Chap Stick, Blistex & others I can't remember. I stumbled across the lip treatment in Food Lion one one day while getting groceries & bought it to try b/c nothing else was working on my lip problem. This is a GREAT product! I felt & seen a big difference within the first 24 hrs. I normally only use this product when my regular lip balm just doesn't cut it. Def. a great product to have on hand. I plan on buying more soon, my first tube is getting low. I HIGHLY recommend!

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  • stephaneg By  stephaneg    

    It seems like it is best for cold sores. As far as lip balm no difference than the others

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  • maryc11290 By  maryc11290    

    I have really dry lips and this moisturizer kept them moist for hours and helped them stay soft!

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  • deann1548 By  deann1548    

    I have used Neosporin on my lips for years and I love this product! My lips feel so much better after using this! I would recommend this to anyone!

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  • nichelleb1 By  nichelleb1    

    I'm not sure if I'm dehydrated or if my body is just changing but my lips are chapped more often than not. I've used Carmex, Blistex, Burt's Bees, and others, but NOTHING has worked as well as Neosporin's Lip Health! I have told many about it already!

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  • jlh118 By  jlh118    

    My 4 year old has really dry lips that are either chapped, cracked, split or dry. He doesn't like blitex becasue it burns. I was using crisco (family remedy) which was working better than the blistex but when I tried this I was very surprised to find that it really did work within 3 days and he didn't complain one bit about it.

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  • andieangel3 By  andieangel3    

    I tried both the regular formula & the nighttime formula & I wasn't entirely sold on the results. My lips were not as dry as they had been before I used this, but they were also peeling like crazy. This continued for over a week and I finally decided to switch back to one of my other lip balms. I used to use regular neosporin on my lips when they were dry & chapped (fyi - it does not taste good if you get it in your mouth!) and this is definitely the better route to go compared to that. I think I will be alternating between this & other products that I own. I probably wouldn't buy this again unless it were super cheap or free.

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  • clarissa79 By  clarissa79    

    This is a great product and you only need to use a little dab for a little of it goes along way.

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