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  • letsreviewstuff By  letsreviewstuff    

    I can still remember back when was all I thought about. It has changed significantly over the years but I think it is great for any age kid. It is fun but also a great introductory tool for children to learn how to manage money, and pets!. neopets are virtual pets, no they don't die but they get upset when they are not properly taken care of. Neopets has a variety of things to do! you can plays games (both logical games or games for entertainment) , explore different worlds, buy,build, and decorate homes, and even play with stocks. Neopets is a great site for children and younger teens.

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  • Heather_Amanda By  Heather_Amanda    

    Aw, this use to be such a cute site before they added pay to play features. I still think it is a great site for kids to learn the responsibilities of pet care, learning about barter and trade, and saving.

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  • Ana_Perez By  Ana_Perez    

    I love this site. I pllayed it when I was 13 and I've loved it when I've gone back on it when I'm just bored...

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  • mrs_brightside By  mrs_brightside    

    I used to play with the neopets site and it was cute and time consuming and full of ads and things I could buy or at least hints of things I could buy. There was some mention of it being linked to scientology back in the day but I don't know what came of that.

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