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  • kristen_b By  kristen_b    

    If you have not heard NEEDTOBREATHE, you must check them out!! They are amazing. Their songs are awesome, their sound is awesome, they are awesome.

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  • tru2m3 By  tru2m3    

    I absolutely LOVE this band. It's one of my favorites if not my favorite right now. I love their style, they remind me of the band Kings of Leon who I also really like.

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  • WinchesterBros By  WinchesterBros    

    I'm a big fan of Needtobreathe and they didn't disappoint with this CD. It has a more folkish tone to it then their last CD, but it's lovely to listen too! You won't get tired of listening to it! Lyrics you can relate to and love.It has slower tunes and some jazzier tunes.

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