Neckline Slimmer Resistance Toning System

Neckline Slimmer Resistance Toning System

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My husband bought this for me. I think it works pretty good, but I'm just not regular with it.

I bought it for a friend and I definitely saw a result on her.

I always had a bit of a pudgy chin and underneath area. I bought this and used it daily. There were some results, but not much. I started to do some things on my own that promised the same results and didn't involve equipment and got much better results. Save your money!

I've seen this product time to time on TV so I decided to buy after seeing demonstrations. I've used it for 30 days for about two minutes per day and I am very impressed with the results that I've seen. It really does slim your neck line to give you a more defined chin and neck. It is very easy to use. And you get three tension springs. Meanwhile, I have incorporated this product into my daily exercise routine. And I am very pleased with my results.