Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

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I absolutely love this product! It worked on old stains just as well as new stains. If you have pets, you have to have this in your house when it comes to your carpet

This product works great! It removes any pet stain, and leaves no odor or scent for my dog to return to later. I would definitely recommend this product to any animal lover!

I nuse this product as well but the cats still go to the same spot. I can't smell an odor but I believe that they can.

As a Dachshund breeder, I would answer radar525 by saying NO, not completely. Repeated cleanings with this product, and others that work equally well, followed by a cleaning with bleach, is still the most effective I have ever found.

This product is amazing expecially if you have cats, It gets the pee stain out of items, but not all of them. I had a male kitten I brought home sick and not able to get into the litter box and it was able to get the sent and stain out of the bathroom throw rug as soon as I found the mess, but you need to put this down pretty much as soon as the accident occurs. Also worked wonders for the puke in the carpet from his food. Which stains red it got it right out not long after he had vomitted.

Overall a decent product. It doesn't leech color out of carpets and works pretty well on pet stains. The biggest problem is that it doesn't remove ALL the odor. To a human it doesn't smell anymore, but to dogs, well that's another story. Our puppy had an accident, and we cleaned the area multiple times. A couple of months later we watched a friend's dogs while they went out of town. Both dogs proceeded to pee in the same spot where the puppy peed months earlier. Does anything get rid of pet accidents completely where no other dog could smell it?

As the parent of small children (both the furry and non-furry variety) this is one of those products I always end up coming back to. I feel like so many other stain/odor cleaners only do part of the job and usually require me to spend extra time and money. Nature's Miracle is great - I feel very confident and safe using this product around my family and although it's not the holy grail of pet stains, it sure does perform magic on most of the messes my family encounters. The only thing I wish would improve is the availability of the product and it would be great if they offered it in a foam/spray form too.

I have used this product for a very long time. It's very colour safe (but like anything you should test it before using it on things.) I have found that for pet accidents and vomit, it works extremely well; in the case of getting the stain up and mitigation of a permanent stain. I used to use a product called FOLEX (green writing on a white background), and that product even got a grass stain out of my wedding dress (and before you start making comments, heheheh, it was on the dress because of photo's being taken in a garden). Nature's Miracle has a very neutral smell to it, so you don't get a heavy chemical aroma left over. From what I understand the process by which Nature's Miracle works, is by enzyme's.

As a foster home for cats and dogs, we get our share of accidents. I would be lost without Nature's Miracle. Whenever they have an accident I usually throw a liberal amount of baking soda on the spot to pull all the moisture out of the carpet. Often you can just see it collect in the baking soda. If it is a larger spill, I remove the baking soda (I have a pie cutter/server especially for that) and apply a second layer. Depending on the spill I may let it sit shorter or longer time. Then I clean off all the baking soda with my extra vacuum cleaner (remove the brush so I just vacuum with the hose attachment) so no baking soda is left on the carpet. This will take care of the biggest mess. Then Nature's Miracle comes into play, I just follow the product instructions. Any stain, discoloration or odor is gone forever. My mother (she has higher cleaning standards than me) commented on how pristine my off-white carpet looks after two years with 4 big dogs and 3 cats running around.

I had a very sick friend who vomited all over my guest room carpet and bathroom. I cleaned up as much as I could, but the carpet stain wouldn't go away and odor in the room was unbearable - I was close to having the carpet replaced and calling in a cleaning place that deals with biohazards. After many searches online, I tried one of the suggestions of using Nature's Miracle which is sold in pet stores for pet stains and odors. This stuff saved my guest room - no more odor, no more stain in the carpet (an off-white carpet!). I have since also used it for cat and dog vomit as well and can't believe I went so long without using this. Enzymes in the solution "eat" and break down any organic materials. I first used the spray bottle sizes, then bought the gallon size to refill. You could just buy the gallon size bottle and a generic spray bottle if you know you will use it a lot. You do need to read and follow the instructions exactly, and repeated applications are usually necessary for the vomit I normally have to deal with.