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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Nature's Bounty Nature s Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies have a great flavor. I love whenever I can take a gummy treat instead of a pill.

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  • Lovey2000 By  Lovey2000    

    Love this product♥️ easy to chew and works very well for my nails and hair growth.

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    


    My sister loves these and I noticed that her hair and skin truly look healthier. I wish I could take them but they aren't vegetarian. That's why I am giving them three stars. I think nature's bounty needs to make more supplements for different dietary options.

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  • ThatGrrlTina By  ThatGrrlTina    

    They work!

    I love these gummies! They taste great and keep my hair and eyebrows from falling out.

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  • SandyEggo By  SandyEggo    

    Great Taste and Easy to take

    I have been taking these for about 6 months to help increase the strength of my nails and attempt to help thicken my hair. The taste is great and like many other gummy vitamins, they are easy to take. Since I started taking these vitamins, I have notice some small changes. My nails seem a little bit stronger and my hair is starting to feel thicker. My hair stylist has commented on the reduction in split ends which would mean it has helped strengthen my hair.

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  • irinam85 By  irinam85    

    Taste good!

    Great taste, just like gummy candy but good for you. I honestly haven't seem a major difference in everything that it is suppose to do, but I have seen some improvement in my nails.

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  • CierraLynn By  CierraLynn    

    Biotin Sensitivity

    This product may work very well for some, but it does not work at all for me. By using this product, I discovered my intolerance to biotin in any and all products. If this product causes your skin to break out into cystic acne, please be aware that it is most likely the biotin. Now, I always read labels for biotin and stay very far away from products with the ingredient.

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  • bgummert22 By  bgummert22    

    Just right

    I have been taking these vitamins for about 3 months and have noticed an overall improvement in my skin and hair especially! My nails have always been very healthy and grow like crazy, but I was struggling with some adult acne and hair that wasn't growing very fast. These are just what I needed!

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  • faeriekitty By  faeriekitty    

    upset my stomach

    While the flavor of these Gummi Vitamins from Nature's Bounty was nice,I had to discontinue taking them. They caused severe stomach cramps and bloating for me.

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  • nikkiling01 By  nikkiling01    

    Nails are healthy and strong

    These vitamins taste pleasant and they really work. I've had dry brittle nails as long as I can remember and a few weeks after starting to take these, my nails are stronger than ever.

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  • pinkylove88 By  pinkylove88    

    My hair loves these gummies

    I have been consuming these gummies with biotin for a year and really my hair has grown much more than before, besides it is more bright and strong, the gummies have a very pleasant taste and aroma, they are free of artificial substances I love them

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  • iwishiwasaswan By  iwishiwasaswan    

    Tastes good!

    I really love these vitamins!! The only downside that I?ve found is how quickly I go through them compared to the cost. The taste is really good, too!

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  • Texasbabycantu By  Texasbabycantu    

    Put your self first

    I like that it's not like chalk lol. It's really tasty and hey I get good skin and I get hair groth as well as my nails. #gummmmys

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  • sadipanella By  sadipanella    


    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH!!!! first of all, they taste great. i love the gummies so much, it makes you want to take it even more!! the results were amazing and fast. my nails and hair grew so fast and they were both much stonger and healthier because of this product. now me my mother and my sister all use it!

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  • Patricia0554 By  Patricia0554    

    The Best vitaminsTo Help help nails,skin &hair out

    Ive tryed this supplements for your nails,hair and skin,they really make your fingernails Grow.

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