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  • jdmmom143 By  jdmmom143    

    Kinda expensive but they are yummy.

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  • jenyluv09 By  jenyluv09    

    I buy this all the time. Healthy and yummy all in one ;)

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  • MommaFrugal By  MommaFrugal    

    A little pricey for me but they are delicious and a great on the go snack! Love the resealable bag!

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  • goinggreener By  goinggreener    

    I absolutly love these!! I could sit and eat the whole bag! But the only downside is, is that they are a bit pricey.

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  • mje_1964 By  mje_1964    

    I tried these and though they were good- they seemed a little sweeter than I would expect. I thought they were also a bit on the expensive side.

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  • frizzyborden By  frizzyborden    

    I received a free package of these in the mail from the company during a giveaway. They were so delicious that I wanted more. I'm hungry just thinking about them.

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  • kellieleigh86 By  kellieleigh86    


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  • sweetbear2 By  sweetbear2    

    I got a free sample of the clusters and they tasted great!!

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  • Earthpots By  Earthpots    

    I got a sample of these in the mail, saw them at the store and was curious, but not committed to buying. I liked the sample very much, and will buy more when on sale, and use coupons. It's a bit pricey otherwise.

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  • angela1s By  angela1s    

    Great, healthy snack. Very filling. Pricey tho.

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  • browneyedgirl953 By  browneyedgirl953    

    These clusters were very good. They were crunchy and I loved the little granola pieces that they clustered with the nuts. They were a great snack and would be a great travel snake food. I loved that it came in a resealable bag, keeps it fresh! Not enough comes in a bag for the price though. And it is pretty high price anyways.

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  • HCobb60 By  HCobb60    

    I really like them a lot. I am going to go out and buy some more.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    This disappeared very fast in my house. They came across like little candy bars. Like the prior poster noted they do taste quite a bit like less salty PayDays. Saying that, I could eat a whole box of these without blinking, they are so good. The sugar content is the main thing keeping me from doing that - yuck, empty calories. I wish there was more in the bag/box for the price.

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  • bonjo1959 By  bonjo1959    

    The first bite all the way to the last I thought they tasted just like a payday candy bar, but without the salt taste that a payday has.

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  • dolliedanger By  dolliedanger    

    Other than the price, these are great healthy snacks that taste delicious - I couldn't put the bag down! On that note, maybe bigger bags would be good too... ;)

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