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  • DeniceD By  DeniceD    

    I love these for a quick pick-me up snack at the desk in the afternoons at work.

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  • Scottiegirly By  Scottiegirly    

    I love these they have a great crunch and the ones with chocolate on the bottom are the best ! Sadly now I'm gluten free and can't eat them but they still are good for thoes people who can great small snack to throw in your purse if your on the go as well!

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  • hollygiron By  hollygiron    

    I thought they were okay, my kids didn't like them though.

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  • SweetyBaby By  SweetyBaby    

    Always flavorful and a great in between meal snack.

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  • ktxx22 By  ktxx22    

    These are perfect if you want to curb a sweet tooth craving! I love the crunch.

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  • cooljewel By  cooljewel    

    these are a delicious source of energy and protein! whether its the ones with the yummy chocolate on the bottom or the ones with the enticing peanut butter, they are all soooo good!!!! definitely buying them every week!

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    Yummy good tasting. Very filling. Everyone is happy to have it as a snack. Best tasting snack.

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  • kboles By  kboles    

    very yummy, must hide them and eat in the pantry with the door closed to keep the kids from devouring them!

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  • jkhkjh By  jkhkjh    

    Really yummy! I love these!

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  • BlondieChell By  BlondieChell    

    Yummy, but not filling. I always want to eat the whole box!

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  • Jlovell2 By  Jlovell2    

    One of my absolute favorite snacks! Great for when I don't really have time for lunch at college. So yummy!

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  • CSverde By  CSverde    

    Very tasty and always appreciated when sharing snacks. No one can resist splitting one and smiling.

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  • trisonik By  trisonik    

    I love Nature Valley Granola Thins! They make a great between meal snack when you want something quick and something that will not make you snack and snack until the next meal.

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  • natharia42 By  natharia42    

    Really great. Convient for on the go snacks. Healthy too

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  • RedRobin75 By  RedRobin75    

    These are a treat, thin, but messy. Taste is around a 3.5 on the chocolate, but great for snacking.

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