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  • DrewDrew By  DrewDrew    

    Natural Deodorant, works for me, with a sensitive skin type, also dose not give me an underarm lump, works well on me as I don't perspire a great deal. and it smells great!

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  • youngoldlady By  youngoldlady    

    I have always been a deoderant/antiperspirant addict. I even put it on after bathing at night. As I have tried to go more natural in foods and products, I switched to Tom's of Maine. It's simply a deoderant and works fine. I have three preteens and didn't want to start them on aluminum products. Then I saw the Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystals and bought them for myself. I have to say that I was worried about being away from the house, all day, in the scorching Texas heat. I even put Tom's in my purse, just in case. I am very happy to say that I have no odor while using these crystals. It seems too good to be true. Moisten skin and apply. There was nothing to indicate that I had applied anything to my skin. Since it isn't an antiperspirant, (apparently, a body doesn't want to stop the sweating for health reasons) I do sweat, but there isn't any odor. I have even worked outside all day in extremely hot weather and still had no odor. I'm converted! No more deoderant on my clothes. I used to like a pretty smell, but find that I really like having no smell. 5 stars for Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystals!

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  • kathy067j By  kathy067j    

    love it

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  • BostonSox By  BostonSox    

    While I don't use this particular brand, I do use crystal deodorant and love it. I buy mine from Whole smell, no white stuff getting on my clothes, simple and easy to use. Love it!

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  • mustafa By  mustafa    

    I started using the crystal 15 yrs ago.I've also purchased this brand in Big Lots,in the liquid form.They carry some natural products ,that I haven't been able to find in other stores.And at a cheaper price.

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  • Poohcifer By  Poohcifer    

    I tried this product because I was interested in trying a more natural deodorant; unfortunately, this product isn't for me. I prefer Toms of Maine to this.

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  • pure34 By  pure34    

    been using crystal deodorant...but not this one yet but would love to get one...crystal deodorant is so good on my skin, don't smell when i sweat, don't stain my shirts and they last longer w/ one writing all there based on personal experienced!

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  • purpleheron By  purpleheron    

    I've been looking for a non-aluminum based deodorant for more years than I remember (I have an aluminum sensitivity). Nothing has come close to offerring the kind of control this product does. It is hypoallergenic, paraben/PG free, fragrance free and cruelty free, according to the packaging. Myself and my 9 year-old (who can really work up a smell from all the activities she does) love the product, and have thrown out every other brand of deodorant we had. I would never have known about it if it weren't for a friend of mine who also uses it and recommended it highly. The good news it that it isn't difficult to find--the local Wal-Mart carries it, although finding it on the shelf takes a while. Great, great product--definitely give it a go!

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