National Handwriting day? a celebration of a lost art

   By 107Down  Jan 01, 2012


In the age of iPads, Laptops, Facebook and Email there is not an emphasis on handwriting. Years ago, handwriting a letter was the only way to communicate. The written word was cherished and people prided themselves on their penmanship. Today it is a rare occurrence to receive a letter that is actually written by hand.  
I remember learning how to write in cursive. My mom taught me how to form the letters with a pen and I practiced until my letters looked just like her letters. It was fun to practice how to form the letters and it was satisfying to finally have pretty, neat handwriting.
Little did I know how much I would use that skill when it came to permission slips… ahem… moving on….
According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, penmanship has been said to help you by increasing your idea creation and expression. Penmanship can also help children develop fine motor skills
When was the last time you wrote a note by hand? Perhaps a Thank You note, a Thinking of You card or a letter to your mom is in order.
Here are a few ideas for handwritten notes:
  • Write a Thank You note for those Christmas gifts sent by out of town relatives.
  • Write a love letter to your spouse or significant other.
  • Write a letter to your child or a sponsored child.
  • Contact a local nursing home and “adopt” a grandparent to be a pen pal.
  • Handwrite your Valentines Greetings this year.
  • Start journaling about your life to share with your family in the years to come.
Celebrate National Handwriting Day by pulling out a pen and writing a letter, note or card by hand!


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mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Jan 03, 2012

Writing to me has always been a formto release stress. I try to write as often as I can. I am guilty of doing more electronic writing because there are days that it's faster and more convenient.

hipindychic19 by hipindychic19 | indianapolis, IN
Jan 02, 2012

Really cool blog

GingerAlexandria by GingerAlexandria | PRNC FREDERCK, MD
Jan 02, 2012

I started doing my time sheets by hand. It's something I wouldn't trade in for the world. Even though it's mostly numbers...I even hand write my monthly and weekly calendars. With all the electronic means of organization, I still find the tools that I have to take the time to write are worthwhile.

Wanda78 by Wanda78 | ANNISTON, AL
Jan 02, 2012

I am all for the art of handwriting. It just saddens me that not too many people want to take out the time to write anymore but instead would much rather send an e-mail or text instead. I have a feeling that writing is becoming a lost art.

lilacpony by lilacpony | TRAVELERS RST, SC
Jan 02, 2012

A group I am in brought back pen pals! We write letters and send goodies. It is so much fun getting handwritten personal letters instead of bills or junk mail. Email and texts are great but a nice hand written letter I'll take any day!