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  • Jmigli By  Jmigli    

    Not the best

    I bought the pink bottle, same version as this 6 years ago, I used it 3 times. Way, way too overpowering. Too expensive for the scent.

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  • yvonne0024 By  yvonne0024    

    My sister has this perfume in the oil formula, and I must say its absolutely lovley! Love the smell its very sexy. But its very pricy.

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  • CoCo535 By  CoCo535    

    This is my absolute favorite fragrance. I love it!!! My husband loves it!!! its a fragrance for day or nite. I would definately recommend trying..........

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  • potsy60 By  potsy60    

    very appealing to the nose .. love how the scent lingers and does not require to add more thorough out the day . it is not a greasy perfume and other people have told me that it's not to bold .. loved it ..

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  • ldelia By  ldelia    

    This perfume is great. Smells nice and classy!

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  • zizi12 By  zizi12    

    My newly adopted "signature" scent. I bought this from Dubai a year ago and gave away all of my other perfumes (I am a perfume junkie). It is expensive but it is a very subtle scent that does not dissipate quickly.

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  • agaphmou By  agaphmou    

    Before narciso rodriguez came out with this scent,my favorite was jean paul gaultier.This scent is absolutely mesmerizing.Almost every time I go out wearing it I will either get a compliment,or someone will ask me what I'm wearing. Whether you are into spicy scents or not,it is worth it going into a mall to try it on or ask for a sample at the counter.The eau de toilette has a different sent than the eau de perfume.Personally I like the eau de toilette.The large bottle costs about 90 dollars,I think the smaller one costs about 75.

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