Name Bubbles  Daycare Labels

Name Bubbles Daycare Labels

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I am the Queen of labels. I am huge on labeling things and organization. Having worked with children for 10 years I can tell you, you need labels when you have children for so many reasons. When I found Name Bubbles I was so excited. First Name Bubbles makes such adorable and affordable labels. I reviewed the Daycare labels and I absolutely adore them. Even though my children are not in Daycare I still find these labels so useful. I chose the natural color scheme because I love the color scheme and I chose the frog icon because well I love frogs! When I opened my Name Bubbles I was so excited I immediately loved the colors and the cute icon I had chosen they are even better in person. I was so excited to try the dishwasher safe Name Bubbles having lost quite a few sippy‚?'s I was looking for a easy way to identify our sippys and put an end to the lost sippy issue. When we go to playdate‚?'s it seems that there are always at least two other children with the same sippy cup as us, I am so happy we have our labels now our sippy‚?'s are easily identified. When I worked as a preschool teacher I always recommended getting labels to all the parents when they started their children. In infant care they are an absolute necessity bottles need to be clearly labeled as well as food containers. Clothing and Shoes also need to be labeled a lot of children will have the same exact shoes and clothes in the same exact size as your child‚?'s it is so important to have your child‚?'s items labeled or there is an exceptionally high chance that their things will get misplaced or accidentally taken by someone else. Teachers spend all their time caring for your children it is nearly impossible for them to keep track of all your child‚?'s items as well. Don‚?'t forget to label your jackets. Jackets are another article of clothing that are always being lost. I remember every year we would always end up with at least ten extra jackets we could never figure out who they belonged to. Keep track of all your things get some labels. But not just any labels make sure you get some well made labels that work in the way you need them such as dishwasher safe, laundry safe, waterproof labels.