Naked Nutrition  Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

Naked Nutrition Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

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The Nitty Gritty Details Alright, here is my full review of the Naked Nutrition Whey Powder. I can not be more happy with the ingredient list in this protein powder! Often, you find unnatural/unhealthy ingredients in many protein powders that make me feel like I'm really not nourishing my body. With the Naked Nutrition Powder, I really felt like I was indulging in so many nutrients and healthy ingredients! The powder, by itself, I will confess was not my favorite. It seemed to be a little chalky in texture, although I did really enjoy the flavor. BUT, after adding this powder to a smoothie or by adding a few other healthy add-ins this powder drink was DELICIOUS!!!! I added one banana and a handful of ice to the vanilla powder and WOW. It was SO good! I also enjoy mixing this powder with fresh or frozen berries! I can't leave out my confession - 1 teaspon of almond nut butter mixed with the protein powder is a KNOCK OUT!! I've found many other protein powders that have too many calories and a high sugar content. Not the Naked Nutrition! While I don't prefer to drink this mix by itself, adding into a smoothie or with fruit is absolutely delicious and adds great nutrition to the diet. I do recommend others to try this but be known that it is a little hard to drink without any mix-ins. Overall, it's pretty good for such a great ingredient list!

I started getting into health and fitness about over a year ago. Experimenting with different protein powders has been the most challenging! I was looking for a protein powder that taste decent, does not bloat me, and has no preservatives or additives. I randomly came across Naked Nutrition on Amazon and decided to give the Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder a try. It crossed off everything from my list and more! First of, the taste is natural and can easily blend with almond butter and fresh fruits. It doesn't have the over powering protein taste. I mainly taste the yummy fruits and almond butter I add to the shake. Many protein powders bloat me, which is a terrible feeling. Naked Whey is filling without the bloat. The ingredients mostly impress me, which is only one, whey protein concentrate. Overall, if you have issues finding the right protein powder for you, I highly recommend giving Naked Whey from Naked Nutrition a try. I'm going to try the Pea Protein next as I'm slowly changing my diet to plant based.