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  • Keylasavin255 By  Keylasavin255    

    Good but no for me :/

    Ok I give three stars because for my skin it was a little bad because I'm sensitive skin, so can be dangerous.

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  • mikama1 By  mikama1    

    Doesn't really remove the hair

    I am not sure if I'm using this wrong but it does not really do what it claimed, I'm a little unhappy because it didn't remove the hair

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  • GirlMomof3 By  GirlMomof3    

    Sensitive skin

    I really enjoyed this product! I?m usually super skeptical of putting products on my face due to its sensitivity but this works and didn?t have any affect on my skin! Only con was the smell isn?t the best but definitely something I can look past!

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  • Fcherish By  Fcherish    


    Not a big fan of razors, neither am I. I was blown back by the results when I first tested this product. It removes your facial hair all the way down to the folicle while giving you longer lasting results.

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  • mamaofgals By  mamaofgals    

    The Nair hair removal cream does not work on coarse facial hair in the given set of time recommended without irritating the skin. It is definitely not worth the price or worth the irritation to your skin!

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  • Skailmama0122 By  Skailmama0122    


    I HATE Nair products. This causes my skin to burn like it's literally on fire, makes me itch incredibly and breaks me out in the most God awful rashes like you wouldn't even believe. I would not recommend Nair to even my worst enemy. This is the crappiest product I have ever used!!

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  • michellebryan2 By  michellebryan2    

    I use this all the time.i do love it.its very easy to use and no harsh smell and works great!

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  • Clgarren2036 By  Clgarren2036    

    Great hair removal

    Hair works great with my face. It pulls the hair right out without any pain or burning! My skin feels very soft after the application and doesn't miss one hair.

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  • vlinda15 By  vlinda15    

    If you enjoy the sweet smell of chemicals and burning hair, this product will knock your socks off! Otherwise, if you don't, stay far, far away from this product! It creates burning rashes and hurts!

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  • eknee819 By  eknee819    

    I usually try to stay away from chemical products, but sometimes I just don't have time to get a wax before work, or I don't want to walk around all day with a giant red upper lip! I have super sensitive and pale skin, so when I'm intolerant to something it's incredible noticable. This product, however, I've never had a bad reaction to, though putting such a smelly chemical right under your nose is not exactly a cup of tea. Oh, the prices of being a women in our society. Anyway, I know people get really anxious about products like this, but I'd definitely recommend.

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  • debra870 By  debra870    

    I've tried Nair a few times and each time it has caused rashes on my legs and after 2 times I was done.

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  • CassidyAcla By  CassidyAcla    

    Doesn't seem to work

    Never in my life has Nair seemed to work for me, it could be me I'm not sure. I've used Nair multiple times throughout my life and not once has it worked.

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  • sadler2722 By  sadler2722    

    Not worth it

    I never had any luck with ANY of the nair products. Disappointed in them all as a whole!

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  • monitabonita20 By  monitabonita20    

    It was OK . It did remove my mustache but the moisturizer burned my skin. And I did have a lot of skin irritation. I would only use it on special occasions and a few days before the event because it was swollen for a few days.

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  • marshagail By  marshagail    

    This works great on me I don't have to wax or use twizzers to get of unwanted hair its painless n a great way to get rid of unwanted hair

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