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  • daisymay2010 By  daisymay2010    

    I love this, it has completely changed my nails from ugly, weak and peeling to long, strong and looking great! I have been using it maybe 3 weeks and it has already made such a huge difference! I got it on sale at Sally's Beauty Supply.

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  • TMichelle73 By  TMichelle73    

    I love this stuff!! It has really helped my nails recover from many years of using artificial nails and now I have my own long and strong nails thanks to Nail Life :) I highly recommend especially if you have thin and/or weak nails that just won't grow or will grow but break all the time!

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  • legs383 By  legs383    

    could not get my nails to grow because i was always chipping them until i started using this product. now my nails are long and strong. i bought the product at sallys beauty. i would recommend it to anyone. i am always hitting my nails on things do to my work, but this is the only that stands up to the abuse of my job!!!

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