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  • HollyKay1 By  HollyKay1    

    Teddy Grahams - yum

    Teddy Grahams are great with a cup of yogurt for a quick breakfast in the a.m. or a snack in the night!

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  • AnarchyAngel By  AnarchyAngel    

    Such a great snack when your craving something sweet. My kids love these. Great for packing in a lunch too.

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  • CharleySowell By  CharleySowell    

    Teddy Graham's are a tasty, healthier choice to most snacks. I keep these in my house, not only for the kids but for my inner child to :)

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  • Jewelzs8 By  Jewelzs8    

    A classic and the shapes make kids and big (adult) kids loves them more!

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    The best!!!

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  • Freesocial2011 By  Freesocial2011    

    Love the flavor! also great for kids.

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  • Medderl By  Medderl    

    We love these, my son especially. I buy them and give them to him as a snack.

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  • Speakheather By  Speakheather    

    A staple around our house. We love all the varieties and I like the fact that for a sweet snack, it's a healthier option for the kiddos.

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  • triplea2010 By  triplea2010    

    One of my favorite snacks to give my son. We both love them.

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  • Roxers By  Roxers    

    i just enjoy eating these cookies.

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  • dbvernon By  dbvernon    

    I love these Teddy Grahams. They can become quite addictive too. They are the perfect amount of sweetness. I like having them around for the kids and me to snack on.

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  • briana_deja By  briana_deja    

    Loved them as a kid and still do, they are a tadty fun treat I share with my children

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  • jessicamezalove By  jessicamezalove    

    brings me back when i was a kid.. loved them

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  • Lorelfs1 By  Lorelfs1    

    These taste yummy and kids love the bear shape.

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  • Jensimp_ly By  Jensimp_ly    

    I grew up eating these. My kids love them too.

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