Nabisco Nilla Cakesters

Nabisco Nilla Cakesters

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TOO sweet for my taste.

I love the taste of these Cakesters but I wish there were more in the box for the price you pay. Good tasting cookies!

My kids love these. They take them to school in there lunch boxes. Good price nice size good flavor

yummy my fave cakesters creamy yummies

Maybe it's just me and my old fashioned taste, but I prefer the original Nilla wafer cookies. These however, they tasted alright, but they just weren't for me.

this product has been around for years and it has been my favorite for years. this time they made it different and i still love them

When the first came out I was huge fan, but after a while they became kind of boring to my taste buds and were too sweet kids love them but I don't enjoy them as much.

heaven in a box this stuff is awesome my kids fight over who gets the most

I picked these up with the idea they would be decent to take in the car for a quick snack while traveling. They crumbled making a mess on the seats and clothing, and were extremely sweet. Even when refrigerated they tend to fall apart and make a mess.

Not much flavor and way over priced. Poor product.

I love these cakes!

I've bought these a couple of times because I LOVE Nilla Wafers. The first time I bought them the entire box seemed stale. Every package had cookies that were dry and filling that was grainy. I thought maybe I had just gotten a box that had been around too long or a bad batch so I tried them again. Sadly, it was the same as the first box. Everyone I've talked to about them says just about the same thing. It's a bummer too; these would have really great potential if they could just make them as good as the Oreo Cakesters. Love the Oreo ones!

I don't care for the full sized package, but I LOVE the 100 calorie pack version of this snack. It's not as sweet in the 100 calorie version. They're also really great to eat on the go.

I tried these thinking that since it was "nilla wafer" That it would be a decent alternative to Twinkies. I was wrong, My daughters did not like the texture or taste. My 10 yr old sugar lover said it was too sweet! definatly not on my grocery list.

They come pre-packaged into two per package. They are suger filled with suger.... If I had kids they wouldn't be able to go anywhere around this..