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  • sharman421 By  sharman421    

    Think Chocolate

    A couple of these beautiful biscuits with Sabra chocolate hummas and a rich cup of coffee! Perfect!

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  • minmin By  minmin    

    These make a good breakfast in mornings when you are in a rush. To to carry as a snack. Not just for breakfast-makes a great snack. Lite, crisp. Has 4 in a pack, stays fresh.

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  • SnoopyLoopy By  SnoopyLoopy    


    I tried these for a quick mid morning snack and wasn't impressed. Very dry and flavorless. Much better options out there

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  • Melody_2020 By  Melody_2020    

    Great snack

    I love eating Belvita at work. It is a quick and easy snack you can easily carry around with you.

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  • RebeccaMiller1990 By  RebeccaMiller1990    

    These are tasty! They keep you full for a good amount of time, and since there are 4 biscuits in each individual package it makes it seem like you are eating more than just one larger bar. They are great if you are in a rush.

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    


    Yum, perfect breakfast bar for when your'e in a rush. I also eat these during the day if I'm really busy.

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  • Foxmom By  Foxmom    

    I really love the subtle flavor of these biscuits. They are great for on the go but I also enjoy snacking on them at home!

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  • kjhwriter By  kjhwriter    

    I love these breakfast biscuits. These and a cup of coffee is the perfect morning!

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  • MichelleKD By  MichelleKD    

    Perfect for busy families

    Great product for a mom on the go such as myself. A few of the biscuits were actually broken when I opened them but other than that, they are great. The flavor is not overbearing and the texture is light. It doesn't leave your mouth feeling like it needs a huge drink.

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  • Mich81 By  Mich81    

    Nice flavors and great for when you don't have time to sit.

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  • Tinkrazy By  Tinkrazy    

    Great for on the go lifestyle

    I first tried these because I had a coupon and I was looking for something for my kids to eat on the go on their way to sports or school. My kids love these and so now I purchase them regularly for them to eat when they are in a hurry

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  • amk1224 By  amk1224    

    Easy breakfast

    These are delicious n great for an on the go person or kids

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  • mtanner78 By  mtanner78    

    Absolutely love the flavor but hate how easy they break. Some are crumbled when you open a package.

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  • SmilingAbout By  SmilingAbout    

    Awesome! Tastes great. Really fills me up, and I truly feel energized after starting my day with these.

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