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  • princessmochi By  princessmochi    

    Well its just almost like other regular mascara, not worthy to buy though. It sets my lashes onto groups,it looked like someone tweeze them apart.

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  • nico2317 By  nico2317    

    This is a nice mascara

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  • GlamazonGlitter By  GlamazonGlitter    

    I have like 500 tubes of this! LOVE IT!!!!

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  • CupcakeCutie By  CupcakeCutie    

    I love that this mascara isn't clumpy! It's very light-weight and the waterproof is a plus too. I would definitely recommend this!

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  • aviedo By  aviedo    

    This will not replace what I use now. I'ts a nice enough mascara if you are looking for a waterproof mascara for your already long and full lashes, but if it's volume and length that you want, and I do, then the NYX Le Chick Flick just won't do it for you.

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  • socialzigi By  socialzigi    

    This is the perfect mascara for those hot summer days! It is thick and dark, and ... waterproof! Nothing worse than rubbing your eye and realizing your mascara is running. This is my go to from april - sept!

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