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  • punka_rudy15 By  punka_rudy15    

    It's an okay mascara it's all right

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  • annemarie By  annemarie    

    I personally liked the shape of the bottle. Easier to grip while putting on the mascara. The mascara was very nice. No problems with clumping. Now the trick is to get it to stay on all day.

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  • mzzkitty By  mzzkitty    

    I did not care for the shape and size of the brush applicator - too long for me. Once I got it on I do like the the mascara, but please make the wand a bit shorter.

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  • llittizzio By  llittizzio    

    Unfortunately, this mascara didn't work for me. As soon as I put it on, my eyes started to tear up and by the time I got the eye makeup remover on the cottonball, I looked like Alice Cooper. I guess nothing works on everyone.

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  • rabci4 By  rabci4    

    It is ok, I really didn't care for it. When applying it did not clump at all, but I could hardly tell I put it on. I kept putting more coats on. It was easy to remove though. I am going back to my Almay, sorry!

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  • your1chef By  your1chef    

    I had a lot of clumping. The black was so light, you could hardly tell I was wearing mascara, if you didn't see the clumps. Not for my eyelashes :-(

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  • socialzigi By  socialzigi    

    First, what a fun name! I just love saying it. This curved, spiral wand gets every single lash and I don't end up with mascara dots under my eyes. It is great for curling lashes!

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