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  • Beautyblissnbluejeans By  Beautyblissnbluejeans    

    If you are looking for decent products at affordable prices, look no further. This mascara works great. It doesnt clump. Lasts all day. Was very pleased with the results.

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  • ajmorrison By  ajmorrison    

    Ok but not amazing. I have trouble with mascara disappearing off of my lashes throughout the day and ending up like raccoon eyes. I'm not sure if it was the mascara that did it or my new eye makeup remover. I'm going to say it was both. Mascara is tough for me to find the right one. This wasn't the right one for me.

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  • lisearama By  lisearama    

    This mascara was very runny and messy. Made my lashes look ridiculous, like a kid attempting to wear mom's makeup. Total disaster.

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  • Paxygirl By  Paxygirl    

    This mascara is awesome. I usually use fake lashes when I go out but I tried this instead. I have to say it looked pretty good and was a great color for an evening look. The only negative was that it rubbed off easily. I guess I'm used to my old waterproof mascara. Will definitely buy it when mine runs out!

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  • socialzigi By  socialzigi    

    I'm a big fan of accenting my green eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Most mascara's do not do my bottom lashes justice, but this short brush makes it easy to reach. This is also great if you want to go smokey eye and really have dark lashes.

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