NYX Color Correcting Concealer

NYX Color Correcting Concealer

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Disappointing product ! I was hopeful and excited to use this product. It is just a bit obvious how cheap and bad the formula is. Its extremely chalky, somehow powdery, and looks matt and crusty. I would not recommend this product, although usually I like other items from this brand. The amount you get for the price is the only benefit to this product, but because of the formula its not worth it.

Bought a tube of NYX (just the green CW12). Needed to cover a recent incision scar (from skin cancer) on my face. Green, when dabbed on, lightened the redness. Dabbed liquid foundation over it, and I was happy with the results. No need to wear a flesh tone scar cover.

It was ok I was not a big fan of this product. It didn't do much to cover up my redness and you could see the color even when blended in and with foundation on top.

not a huge fan This product isnt the best. It is really hard to work into your skin and it just really doesnt do many favors. i tried it so many times and just really could not find anyway i liked it

I don?t like this product I don't like this product because of the texture feels very Slippery like sticky I don't like that Feeling in my skin like I put Vaseline in my skin I really hated.

I hate this product. It was slippery and oily, did not last long. It was like colored vasaline

It works, but I didn't really like the consistency. I also realized I didn't need all of these colors.

Ordinary is the word There is really nothing exceptional about this one. I think that this is rather pasty. I found it difficult to apply and even more difficult to apply anything over top of it. I do special effects makeup and this is not recommended by me.

NYX Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer Only had this for a few days but super impressed so far. The colors are all super creamy and easy to blend. Similar products tend to be more tacky and I hate that because I don't like how they feel on my face. This has a great consistency so it doesn't weigh down your face. This is perfect for those new to color correcting or those who don't want to spend a lot of money.