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  • patricec By  patricec    

    It can be hit or mis depending on the theme of the issue, but I definitely look forward to their "Denim Issue" every year.

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  • miscmayzee By  miscmayzee    

    This magazine looks really great from the outside, but the inside is like watching a poser.

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  • thebluestbutterfly By  thebluestbutterfly    

    I am browsing through their website now. I am particularly interested in pretty/new nail polishes. I am pleased with the amount of nail polish coverage. :-)

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  • semi0625 By  semi0625    

    I got this magazine for free and its great! Its really a fashion magazine and it doesn't have "too" much advertisements.

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  • Lizabee By  Lizabee    

    This magazine is directed towards an "artistic" audience. Unlike the traditional fashion magazines for women, you won't find styles that work best for your body type or diets and workout routines that will help you lose weight. Instead, there are many articles that focus on up-and-coming musicians, young fine artists, and other "indie" type talents. I highly recommend this magazine for someone who wants to be "in the know" about today's culture.

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  • pennelephant By  pennelephant    

    I love this magazine. It's one of the only ones I still read. I had found it by accident 3 years ago, but was immediately hooked. They have themes for certain issues.

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