NYC In A New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish

NYC In A New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish

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Love these polishes by NYC. They work just as well as the $8.00 brands but are way cheaper.

This brand is great! They have tons of options and the price is so amazing. For my lifestyle the polish lasted a week or so with some chipping but nothing to bad. I have about 20 of this brand.

It is awesome product.It gives nice and shine look for dries quickly.

House on past dries faster perfect for stocking stuffers in any kind of quick beauty touch

I love this polish ! It is quick to dry,.does not streak, and is so nicely priced !

Love the price and I have tons of it! I am very picky when it comes to nail polish and I love the way it goes on!

Love Love Love this polish. It dries fast, has a great variety of shades from conservative to funky, and lasts really well. I paint my nails all the time and have been pleased with the staying power of this polish. One negative for me, some shades go on really sheer but multiple coats takes care of this problem.

NYC nail polish dries quickly, and only requires one coat for a bright color. The price is affordable, and is a good value when compared to similar products. The nail polish comes in many colors, all of which look very nice alone, or with a clear top coat.

I love these nail polishes. They are affordable and have a great selection of colors. They do chip, but I have found that all of them because I am always in water or scrubbing things.

There's hardly ever a time when I don't have my nails painted and I love NYC's variety of nail polish colors! There's nothing worse than smudged nails, and oftentimes I'm too impatient to allow my nails to dry completely so this quickly nail polish is great for people who are impatient! =) It's also affordable and has good quality!

I love any nail polish that is cheap and this one definitely is. Some cheap nail polishes leave a waxy kind of residue but this one doesn't. It looks and feels like a more expensive nail polish when it is much more inexpensive than Essie or OPI. I do wish they had a better selection of colors though.

Love NYC nail polish, application is always smooth and they have awesome drying time. I love the affordability of these as well. I do wish that they had a bigger selection of colors.

Love the color selection and brushes, great price, decent dry time.

I Love there nail polish and also love the prices!

I like these nyc nail polishes and they are definitely cheap so it's great to not spend that much on polish but honestly i feel that they don't last very long and chip easily.The colors are nice and these are worth trying but i just think the lasting quality can be better