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  • consteche By  consteche    

    The Nivea body wash products especially the Serenity are a god sent. Smell great, work great, and tie on a middle level brand with Dove and Olay for softening your skin hours after your bath to me. Also they are one of my go to products if I've been having irritated or dry skin. Not to mention they consistently have coupons to bring down the price.

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    I've used this product for several months. I do try out other body washes as well but this one is a shower staple for me. The scent is refreshing (like aromatherapy while you're sudsing up) and it leaves my skin feeling soft.

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  • galaxydreams By  galaxydreams    

    YUM! This smells great and feels soothing and moisturizing. I can still smell it a few hours after the shower if I don't moisturize with something else. I got a great price deal at CVS with this (it came in a pack of 2) so there's really nothing bad to say about it.

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  • rosethesick By  rosethesick    

    I used this for years. The smell was one of the best I ever smelled. The way it leaves your skin is very simple and nice.

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    


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  • tracyshort By  tracyshort    

    Good smell from a great product line. Moisture is vital, and this delivers.

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  • marcela123456789 By  marcela123456789    

    I am so glad that I discovered nivea . nivea is a wonderful product for dry skin. I have dry and itchy skin, especially in the winter months. Most soaps just seem to make my skin worse. nivea Body Wash sooths my dry skin and I do not feel itchy after a shower. Unlike most moisturizing body washes that I have tried, nivea seems to rinse clean without leaving a sticky or moist feel on the skin. The scent is very mild, but pleasant. My husband also likes to use the nivea body wash, so it is nice that it is not to perfumy or strong scented. One bottle will last and last.

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  • glanaek91 By  glanaek91    

    I love this stuff. It smells so good and and leaves you so soft. I have already recommended this to some of my friends!!

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  • Katiek By  Katiek    

    Great product! The price is right, scent is pleasant without being overpowering. Nice hydration

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  • poohbear10219 By  poohbear10219    

    Great body wash! Love the smell.

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  • sandyc42 By  sandyc42    

    Awesome body wash. I get really dry and this helps it alot

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    Love it...leaves my skin healthy and soft each time I use it.

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  • chrissherman By  chrissherman    

    Works great to keep skin moisturized. I seemed to get really tired of the scent though, before it was used up. Works great to shave with as well.

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  • daisygirl673 By  daisygirl673    

    Definitely leaves you feel smooth and moisturized. Smells great too.

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  • nursejulz By  nursejulz    

    One of the best! I am partial to Dove but also like to mix it up alittle with Nivea. Very smooth appearence and the smell is fantastic!!

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