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  • BeautifulMary By  BeautifulMary    

    Okay, doesn't last long. Great beginner makeup or inexpensive everyday use product.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    They are ok. I use them with a damp beauty blender.

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  • hollymei26 By  hollymei26    

    For the price it's ok. Maybe best for someone just starting out with makeup or looking for an affordable drugstore concealer.

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  • roadtosuccessllc By  roadtosuccessllc    

    Good for the price. If in a pinch it can work, but I wouldn't use this as a daily concealer. Feels thick and greasy to me. If I really needed a concealer and didn't have time to go to a specialty store or didn't have a lot of money to spend I would use this but again I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use because of the thick greasy feeling it has.

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  • Shahn5 By  Shahn5    

    I bought this product because it was cheaper than the one I usually buy, but found it felt greasy and did not provide good coverage. I decided to use it until it was gone but will not purchase again.

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  • rae3130 By  rae3130    

    This product does a very good job at covering up blemishes, especially on the go for those emergency situations. Until i read these other reviews i did not know about the animal testing, which i find disappointing for such a good product.

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  • whoakatie By  whoakatie    

    This product is very creamy, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. For such a cheap product, I wasn't really expecting great results, but I was surprised. The stick goes on smoothly, and when covered with a foundation or power, is long lasting and thoroughly covers marks.

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  • bethbr00tality By  bethbr00tality    

    I use the yellow topped off with Medium to cover the dark circles under my eyes. Covers every blemish. I use it every day! By the way: Using the green or the yellow aren't for everyone. I stopped using the green because it looked blatantly green on me. You just have to try things & see how they work on your skin.

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  • napuahaku By  napuahaku    

    It could be better... For me it only gives a light coverage and leaves my skin feeling a little dry. Need to use something else along with it to cover up blemishes.

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  • tbysrkms15 By  tbysrkms15    

    this is a great product. it covers your blemishes well. if you put foundation stick foundation on and then mineral foundation you can even see your blemishes. the only thing i hate about it is the fact it tests on animals. just because of that i will not buy it again.

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