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I joined this site because I earned mypoints from activities I completed through Bzzagent. I don't really see the point in this website. Most of my points are "pending". It seems like every survey I take, I don't qualify for... so I receive 5 points for wasting my time. Also, it takes forever to rack up enough points to cash in on.

I've been a MyPoints member for a long time. On this site, actions earn points. I read emails and I do surveys. I can also use this site as a portal and if I buy something on another site through that portal, I earn points. These points add up fast and can be redeemed for gift cards at many stores. You can't lose with MyPoints.

I have been a member of this site for many years. I love the way you can earn points by reading emails, shopping at particular online stores (a lot that I shop at regularly anyway), and various other ways. I have redeemed my points numerous times for gift cards and have always recieved them, and in a timely manner. I have recommended several of my family members and friends to this site, and they all love it, too.

I also love this website and enjoy shopping through mypoints or doing the click throughs or surveys. I also recntly joined bzzagent and get more mypoints by doing surveys through them and linking my bzzagent account with mypoints. Another great way to earn these giftcards are through lightspeedconsumerpanel & mysurvey and I have been with all of these for a while.

I like this site a lot. I joined it last year and managed to accumulate enough points to cash out for a $25 Lowe's Gift Card without buying anything. All I had to do was click on the links they sent me buy email and take a few surveys. If you are an online shopper, this site will give you points for the dollars spent in online stores. They have many listed you can choose from; just about every store I'd ever consider shopping at. If you're not an online shopper it can take quite a while to accumulate points, but it isn't very time-consuming and it's free.