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I have been using ( for short) for over a year now and when I saw this review I felt I had to write one as well. The site allows you to save your life memories... Think of it as a way to document your own life with text, pictures and videos. Their vision is somewhat quite noble. They want to record people life so that future generations will be able to understand who you were from our own experiences. Of course the site is very secure. Like the review says, no one can access your information unless invited by you AND they will only see the events that you've shared. I thought this was an important feature. I know this may sound funny but at the end of the day this site gives me a feeling of peace. Knowing that I can leave something behind for future generations to see and that I will be remembered with more than just a name on a tombstone gives me peace. I'm not trying to be morbid here but look at it like being able to see, hear and read the lives of people at the beginning of the 20th century. Now that would be really cool! Well, it has to start somewhere and it has. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

I love this site. It is a site that seems to be secure and is a tool to record your life history so that future generations will be able to know who you were. It allows you to upload documents, photos, videos and text posts. No one sees your information unless you invite them to. Even better, you can select what events you want them to see so that the very private and personal content is hidden. Unlike other sites, they do not allow freinds of friends to see your information! I have set up an account for myself and have recorded many of my days so that when my life has passed my husband and son will be able to read how I felt about certain situations and enjoy looking at all the memories of our life as a family. This is a new twist to social networking, it offers you the ability to share you life with "only" those people you want to. Check it out, I highly recommend this site to all of you.